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Touch Panel with 12,1" Widescreen LED Display for Hazardous Areas

BARTEC has extended its product range of POLARIS touch panel PCs for hazardous areas by a new 12.1" device with widescreen LED display. With a high resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel and a 16:10 display format, it provides more space for the visualization and control of automation tasks.

Due to the large display surface, complex processes can be represented more clearly and in more detail. High-resolution displays with LED background illumination and touch-screen allow an intuitive and comfortable handling. Even with large viewing angles or under unfavourable light conditions, the latest LED display technology guarantees an optimal contrast.

The touch panel is equipped as standard with a processor of the latest generation, the Intel® Atom with 1.6 GHz. The pre-installed operating system is Windows® XP Professional, Windows® 7 is optional. Connection to the control unit or to the process control system via Ethernet, Profibus DP or via a variety of serial COM interfaces.

Due to the integrated keyboard adjustment for Windows, WinCC flexible, RS View or the BMS Graf pro version 7, which has been especially developed for the POLARIS series, the panel PCs are suitable for all visualization tasks. The BARTEC software enables the user to transmit projects via Ethernet, to use graphic lists or to handle an integrated user management.

POLARIS touch panel PCs can be applied for the comfortable handling of devices such as mixers or dryers but also for the control and monitoring of complex ma- chines such as reactors or centrifuges. All devices are ad- mitted for application in zone 1 + 2 as well as in zone 21 + 22 and guarantee the habitual PC comfort even in hazardous areas. They are especially suitable for use in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Advantages: - LED technology - high screen resolution - control via touch-screen - processor capacity 1.6 GHz - direct coupling in explosive areas - optional Windows® 7 - integrated keyboard adjustment


PEGASUS Mobile Phone and Online Tracking System with New Features

PEGASUS, the new mobile phone and online tracking system developed by BARTEC, was especially designed for industrial applications.

With ist rugged design and high protection class IP 65, it is ideally suited for use at operating temperatures of -20°C to 60°C in

the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the oil and ga s sectors. Certified according to ATEX, IECEX, UL and INMETRO, this innovative further development is especially suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres in the IIC Gas Group.

PEGASUS ensures protection in extreme operating areas: GPS receivers and special software make PEGASUS an efficient online tracking system, facilitating new options for personal security, hazardous materials transporters and other logistical tasks.

PEGASUS data can be stored and evaluated on an in- house server, or a dedicated BARTEC server. The man down function reacts to the absence of movement and trig- gers an alarm after a defined period of time. The device is located using GPS. The alarm including the GPS position data can be forwarded as a text message, link to the posi- tion or via GPRS to a server.

For lone workers, this function is particularly valuable. A freely programmable emergency call button provides added safety in case of an emergency. Workplace safety is the keyword where simultaneous working and phoning are concerned. With a suitable Bluetooth headset, talking on the phone becomes possible even while doing activities that require two hands. PEGASUS also features a hands-free function and vibrator alert.

The keyboard is generously dimensioned and offers enough space for steady operation, even with gloves. To prevent operating errors, all keys give tactile feedback in the form of a click. The straightforward and clearly structured menu design makes operation simple for the user.

The mobile phone is available in several versions to offer the optimum device for all applications and operational areas. With a Quad Band GSM module (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), the device is ideally equipped for utilisation on all continents.

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