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Entertainment. Dir: Dayyan Eng. Key cast: Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu, Beibi Gong. Modern-day China is progressing at a rapid rate but Li’s world has come to a complete standstill. The only thing that makes sense is to end it all but he can’t even do that right. Laemmle Monica 1

NINJA KIDS!!! Childrens, action/ adventure, 100mins. Shochiku Co. Dir: Takashi Miike. Key cast: Seishiro Kato, Roi Hayashi, Futa Kimura. Follows Rantaro as he enters the Academy and how he meets his best friends as they study and train hard to become elite ninjas. Fairmont 1

PAIN Romance, 104mins. Lotte Entertainment. Dir: Kwak Kyung-taek. Key cast: Kwon Sang- woo, Jung Ryeo-won. A love story between a man who cannot sense anything and a woman with haemophilia. Fairmont 2

PORFIRIO Drama, 106mins. ARRI Media Worldsales. Dir: Alejandro Landes. Key cast: Porfirio Ramirez Aldana, Jarlinsson Ramirez Reinoso, Yor Jasbleidy Santos Torres. Confined to a universe that stretches only from bed to wheelchair, Porfirio — a man in diapers who sells call time on his cell phone in a faraway city on the outskirts of the Colombian Amazon — dreams that he can fly. Laemmle Monica 4

RAPTURE Sci-fi, action, 91mins. Fantastic Films International. Dir: Richard Lowry. Key cast: Blane Wheatley. It happens without warning. All electrical devices are abruptly shut down. Dark, unearthly clouds form over cities and towns from which lightning strikes and vaporises its victims. Food and water is suddenly contaminated, causing

n 32 Screen International at the AFM November 4, 2011

bacterial infection that kills within the hour. Ominous robed figures sweep the cities and landscapes, vaporising everyone in sight. Le Merigot 1

THE UPRISING Drama, comedy, 90mins. Cinema do Brasil. Dir: Raphael Aguinaga. Key cast: Arturo Goetz, Lidia Catalan. The quiet life at the La Milagrosa nursing home is thrown into chaos by the month-long departure of their sole caretaker, replaced by her son, a young oppressor known as “The Witch”. Fairmont 5

ZOMBIE BITE Horror, thriller, 86mins. JeTi Films. Dir: King Jeff. Key cast: King Jeff, Gorio, Charlie Hollins Sr. Jack Romero has been bitten by a Zombie and has three days before he either turns into one or not depending on his blood type, which he does not know. Holding up in his home, he must keep his wife, who is safely away at a military base, unaware of his condition, fend off an occasional zombie as well as other undesirable characters, while the clock ticks away at his fate. Le Merigot 2


BACK TO THE SEA Animation, 90mins. IndustryWorks Pictures. Dir: Thom Lu. Key cast: Tom Kenny. A tale about a young flying fish, Kenny. He is captured by a fishing ship and delivered to the fish tank of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown NYC, where he meets a quiet boy who longs for excitement and adventure. Fairmont 5

IMELT WITH YOU Thriller, 125mins. Stealth Media Group. Dir: Mark Pellington. Key cast: Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe. Four college friends reunite for their annual summer reunion in a seaside town, but 25 years of disappointments and compromises resurrect a

pact they vowed to live, die and kill by. Fairmont 2

LA CARA OCULTA Thriller, 96mins. 20th Century Fox International Productions. Dir: Andres Baiz. Key cast: Clara Lago, Quim Gutierrez. Explores the limits of love, jealousy and possession. Adrian, the handsome conductor of the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, and his girlfriend Belen seem very much in love, but his constant flirtations make her question his fidelity. When she uncovers a secret soundproof room in their house, Belen decides to test him by hiding inside and pretending to have left him, only to accidentally lock herself inside with no escape. Ocean Screenings 1

LOVE STRIKES! Comedy, drama, 118mins. Toho Co. Dir: Hotshi One. Key cast: Mirai Moriyama, Masami Nagase. A chronic love klutz is suddenly visited by his “moteki” — a period of sexual magnetism — but is he ready for all the joy, heartbreak, promise, delusion, ecstasy and agony that awaits him? Fairmont 3

THEMANWITH THE BASSOON Drama, 120mins. SevenOne International. Dir: Miguel Alexandre. Key cast: Christian Berkel, Ulrich Noethen. As the son of a sea captain, the young Heinrich Bockelmann has the world at his feet. He yearns to travel abroad and seek adventure — but where exactly should he go? Strolling through the Christmas market one day, deep in thought, he suddenly hears the sound of a bassoon. Fairmont 1

THE ROAD OF EXPLORING Romance, 110mins. Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Dir: Li Chen. Key cast: Jianfeng Bao, Dongyu Zhou. Le Merigot 2

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