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I got out my drum machine and laid down a rhythm track. After I handed it to her and left the room, I heard the tape recorder--play, reverse, play, reverse, over and over. Dad and I were not completely convinced she could do it, but, from the moment I challenged her, she was absolutely determined that she would do it. Finally, she found the rhyme pattern and a good solid line for the chorus. Hours later, “We got the Stuff, the Right Stuff” was born.

Not only did she write a RAP song, it tells the entire history of the WASP--in RAP in about 4 minutes. And THEN, she asked, ‘will you sing this?’ Nevermind my ‘rap is not music argument.‘ This time, I was NOT going to disappoint my mother. arranged it & laid down all the tracks.

Yes, I

It begins: “Way out in West Texas where the water is sweet, with cactus and rattlesnakes six feet deep, They cut off the top of a big old hill and they called it Avenger, Avenger Field.”

Way cooler than I EVER thought!! It was actually really fun to record.

Mom contacted WASP Julie Stegge, who had been a Ziegfeld Follies dancer. Julie put on her sequined hat and danced to the WASP RAP for the 50th Reunion. Boy, could Julie kick! Ask any WASP who was there and she will tell you that this single semi-musical moment was the hit of the entire convention! The rap was played, Julie kicked and mom smiled. Talk about your standing ovations? It was awesome!

It has been 17 years, and the WASP still talk about it! The ONLY WASP RAP ever written! But, Mom admits, she had a little help. With God’s help, anything is possible. Yes, it absolutely is.

To read the lyric, see the video or hear the song:

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