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had earned. However, the WASP were not even invited to the bill signing. Seven years later, their medals came in the mail.

The WASP did everything their country asked them to do and more,

completing Army Air Force flight training, flying the same type planes and the same missions as male military pilots flew, except combat. They never flinched when handed orders to fly a military aircraft, no matter what kind it was, what the mission was, what the weather was, or what the destination was.

"You either had a chance of doing it or go home. Those who wanted transfers went home! We did what we were assigned to do...with no regrets!" WASP Ruth Florey, 43-W-4

Yet these incredible women pilots never expected anything—except to

FLY for their country, and fly they did, with honor, integrity, courage, sacrifice, commitment, faith, and patriotism. They paid their own way to serve their country, paid to bury their fallen comrades, and, after 60 million extraordinary 'above and beyond' miles of flying, they simply hung up their parachutes and paid their own way back home.

I think it's important for young people today to realize that there were women pilots during World War II who did things that were dangerous, but in order for this country to be free, that's what it took—and we did it without question…with no regrets. WASP Deanie Parrish, 44-W-4

Article by Nancy Parrish reprinted as text only

From “Salute To Freedom”, Spring 2008. Lafayette Marketing Group Online version w/ photos

EIPLOGUE: On March 10, 2010, the WASP of WWII were awarded The Congressional GOLD Medal. It was a thank you for their service on behalf of a grateful nation.


article by Nancy Parrish

for “Salute To Freedom” Spring 2008

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