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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 23 Issue 9 September 2010


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Fred Backman's PROMETHEUS running the race course at Winter Harbor.

The following is a summary of the last five lobster boat races held at Friendship, Harpswell, Winter Harbor, Pemaquid and Portland. If you would like the long version with many more photographs please go to, then to Maine Lob- ster Boat Racing and click on a newsletter. If you want to sign up for the newsletters please e-mail:

FRIENDSHIP: With five races down (Boothbay, Rockland, Moosebec, Searsport and Stonington) it was now onto our next double weekend with Friendship and Harpswell. The forecast was not great, calling for showers later in the day. However, when I arrived at Friendship it was overcast and foggy. A glance around the docks and there did not seem like there was much of a contin- gent from away. Then several boats appeared on trailers, but there still did not look like there were many out there in the harbor. As sign up began more boats arrived and in the end we had 38 boats signed up.

There were only three entrants in the Gasoline Classes, one each in Class A, C and D. Class C, SEA FLEA (Lash Brothers, 427 cu. in. Chevrolet) and D, FOOLISH PLEASURE (Custom 30-footer, 632 cid Chevrolet) was combined even though each would get the win in their classes. As they headed up the course the big Chevy engines could be heard all over the harbor. There was no question that FOOLISH PLEASURE should be the

easy winner, but when three quarters of the way to the finish her engine spit, sputtered and died. SEA FLEA, which was back several boat lengths, went by for the win. When they were towing FOOLISH PLEASURE off the course Galen Alley could be seen holding up the blower belt, which had snapped causing their demise.

There were four diesel classes with no entrants, B, E, J and K. In Class A, Marcus Curtis of Boothbay Harbor showed up with SLOWHAND (Crooked River 28, 210-hp Cummins) to challenge Gary Clifford’s HARD TO FATHOM (Jason 28, 200-hp, Styer) from Bristol. It was a close battle with just four tenths of a mile an hour separating them, but it was SLOWHAND crossing the line first. Class F had five boats entered. So far this year this class has been dominated by Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE (Mitchell Cove 35, 350- hp Cummins) and he was dominate again. Second went to Spencer Dyer’s THE CHAIN (Holland 38, 330-hp Caterpillar 3126) and third was Marshall Farnham’s GOVERNOR (Calvin Beal 34, 375-hp John Deere) in a very tight finish. Class H had four boats come to the line and it was expected that Travis Otis’ FIRST TEAM (Northern Bay 36, 410-hp Sisu 645). Well, it was not to be. As the racers came up the course it was FIRST TEAM in the lead, but suddenly she slowed and Scott Carter’s LATE START (Flowers 38, 525 hp John Deere) was able to get by for the win. FIRST TEAM grabbed second and Fred Farnham’s

Another cooked engine. FIRST TEAM burns pistons and bends rods, but will return later.

SHELLENE II (Young Brothers 38, 490-hp Lugger) took third. FIRST TEAM came to the dock and was she knocking and smoking. This was a serious engine failure, but they were able to limp home, albeit it took five and a half hours. Once the boat was hauled and the engine removed and torn down, it was found that two pistons, 1 and 5, were burned, several rods were bent and several other parts damaged. All eyes were on the course when Alfred Osgood’s STARLIGHT EX- PRESS (Northern Bay 36, 900+-hp Mack), being run by Jim Minott, headed up the course as the only entrant in Class L. Would

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she set a record, not this time she was clocked at 52 mph. Four boats came to the line for the final Diesel Class race, Class N. It was going to be a great battle between Keith Simmons’ HEATHER & ISAAC (Young Brothers 45, 800-hp Caterpillar), Chris Page’s ABIGAIL & CARTER (John’s Bay Boat Co., 1,000-hp Caterpillar) and Andrew Havener’s CECILY K. (RP 40, 800-hp Caterpillar). As they battled up the course, it was HEATHER & ISAAC first, followed by ABIGAIL & CARTER. FOOLISH PLEASURE was already up

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