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my heroes have always been cowboys & soldiers saddle stiff sort for the troops held october 3

of New Braunfels, Texas first heard about the Wounded Ser- vice Member Project from friend and veterinarian, Jake Wells. Nelson was intrigued and Dr. Wells put him in contact with Duane Heady who is the Chairman for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Ticket Committee. The Wounded Ser-

vice Member Project supports Emerson Nelson

our active duty Purple Heart recipients, wounded and injured men, women and their families in the military by purchasing tickets for them to attend the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. The Wounded Service Member Project purchases tickets which allow a service member and a guest to enjoy a free evening of fun. Contributions to this

program provide a wounded

ican Horse Council, based in Washing D.C., since the 1962s, has released a comprehensive review of Massachusetts Rep- resentative Barney Frank’s bill to make wagering over the internet legal. HR 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and En- forcement Act, was reported out of Frank’s House Financial Services Committee recently, and the next step will be full consideration by the House unless another committee takes

jurisdiction when Congress returns from an August recess. Congressman Frank’s

service member and a guest to attend the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Active duty Purple Heart recipients and wounded and injured active duty military personnel are invited to come and enjoy the Rodeo Star Experience. The Rodeo Star Experience includes 2 reserved rodeo tickets, cowboy cuisine (steak dinner with all the trimmings), 2 drink tickets, complimentary

By David Hooper, Executive Director, Texas Thoroughbred Association AUSTIN – The Amer-

bill would create a federal regula- tory and enforcement framework under which Internet gambling operators could obtain federal licenses from the Department of the Treasury to authorize them to accept wagers over the Internet from people in the U.S. The bill applies to both foreign and domestic operators. The De- partment of the Treasury would have regulatory control under bill provisions.

parking, commemorative chair and stage side seating on the “dirt” during the concert after the rodeo…basically, they are treated like royalty and the true heroes they are. “Mr. Heady told me

how to donate,” said Nelson, “and we proceeded to ask some of my friends and busi- ness contacts for contributions for this great cause.” The first

(Continued on Page 4) bill to legalize internet gambling subject of american horse council review

were approved during the Com- mittee hearing last month in- cluding:

credit cards to gamble online, but debit cards would be ac- cepted or funds put in a prepaid account;

ting, except for pari-mutuel racing where permitted by state law;

set loss limits; • Require that bettors • Prohibit sports bet- • Prohibit the use of Several amendments

tor from obtaining a license if the operator had taken bets from the U.S. in violation of federal or state laws; • Require an operator

to have a substantial U.S. pres-

Horse Association offers $15 fee for transfers and extends reduced rate on registrations for American Quarter Horses 3 years and older.

• Prohibit any opera-

ence to obtain a license and re- quire at least 50% of employees to be U.S. residents or citizens; • Prohibit advertising

aimed at minors or problem gamblers;

• Prohibit licensees

you’ve had the paperwork lay- ing around for a couple of years on your American Quarter Horse and just never got around to get- ting it registered or transferred

America’s Horse – If

from accepting bets from those on a self-exclusion list or a per- son delinquent in child support payments.

visit www.texasthoroughbred. com or

get your aqha paperwork done cheaper American Quarter

into your name, now is the time to preserve the pedigree of your treasured equine friend! AQHA is extending

For more information

Volume Fifteen - Issue One September 2010

its offer of reduced registration (Continued on Page 8)

“Home of the Original 30-Day Exchange Guarantee”

“Al” is a handsome 12-year-old 15 hand palomino gelding. This is a good gentle horse that can be ridden saddled or bareback, bridled or with a halter. He is very willing with a laid back ride, and a forgiving mind. He has no spook on the trails and is very comfortable in the round pen or arena. He is always glad to see you and has no bad habits. I am comfortable recommend- ing this horse for everyone from Beginners to the Ex- perienced riders. He will not get fresh or frisky if turned out for long periods of time.

“Benny” is a 10-year-old, 14h line back dun ranch geld- ing. This is the horse that everyone is looking for, he has a very calm manner, forgiving mind, and willing attitude. He will go anywhere you ask him to go, and will not get mad or frustrated when you make a mistake. He definite- ly is gentle enough for the Beginner and Novice rider and well trained enough to be enjoyed be the Experienced and Intermediate riders. He absolutely no bad habits, and is always glad to see you when you come to get him. He gives you 100% of his attention when you are around him or riding him. “Benny” would be an excellent asset to any family, stable, or ranch, and a pleasure to own and ride. He does not get fresh or frisky or want to buck if turned out for long periods of time.

“Flash” is an 11-year-old 14.3 hand APHA registered palomino gelding. This horse came from the area near Bastrop, Texas and has been used mainly for trail rid- ing. He is a family type horse, that is super friendly, and glad to see you at any time. He has a very laid back, super willing, and very forgiving attitude. He is definitely gentle enough for the Beginner rider and rides comfortable enough to satisfy the experienced rider. He has a good rein, good stop, and will back up when asked. He loads well, and is easy to shoe and saddle. There is nothing fancy about the way this horse rides, and would probably not make a good per- formance horse, but is exceptionally nice on the trails. He does not get fresh or frisky when turned out for long periods of time. If you are looking for a really good fam- ily type horse that loves trails and wants to get along with everyone, here he is.

“JP” is a 15.1 hand 12-year-old dun ranch gelding. This horse is all business and gives you 100% of his attention while you are riding him. He will go where you point him and respond to his riding cues in a prompt athletic manner. This is a good solid horse that rides good and quiet, and will give you a problem free days work whether on the ranch or on the trails. I think this horse would be safe enough for the Beginner riders with basic riding skills, I also feel that the Intermediate and Experienced would enjoy him as well. If you are looking for a nice, tall, well mannered, good looking gelding then don’t pass him up. I do not believe this horse will get fresh or frisky or buck with you if turned

out for long periods of time.

“Geronimo” is a handsome 15.3h, 9-year-old Black and White paint gelding. He is a Certified Police and Rescue horse that has been used extensively by a supervisor/ teacher to help in certifying other horses. He is an ex- cellent trail horse and is used to being around crowds, lights, and loud noises. He is only for sale because the instructor that owned and rode him is short and gets tired getting on and off of him. He has absolutely no bad habits and can be ridden by anyone who has basic knowledge about riding. I would not recommend him for young chil- dren or the most beginner of riders because of his prompt response to riding cues. If you are looking for a good, big, strong, gentle, eye-catching All Around horse, you have just found him. This horse is being sold on consignment, and all reasonable offers will be considered. I will guar- antee this horse with my 30 day exchange option guar- antee. “Geronimo” does not get fresh or frisky or want to buck if turned out for long periods of time.

“Tucker” is a 8-year-old 14h chestnut Arabian gelding. If you are an Arabian enthusiast, you will absolutely love this horse. He is very controllable and has finely tuned riding cues and skills. Excellent neck rein, stop, back up, and will also move off of leg pressure. Tucker will not be enjoyed by the beginner or intermediate rider due to their lack of skill and knowledge it takes to ride this horse. He is definately safe and gentle for anyone, but will intimi- date a Beginner and Novice riders. He has absolutely no bad habits and will not get fresh or frisky if turned out for long periods of time. His former owner was 80+ years old and had gotten to the point of no longer being able to ride. I feel that this horse has great potential as a performance horse, show horse, or endurance trail horse. This is not a horse for everyone, but he’s a real find.

Visit our website for more horses, pictures, prices and contact information, 2447 East Borgfeld • San Antonio, TX 78260 • (7 miles North of San Antonio on Hwy 281)

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