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“Balance” is one of my favorite words. It’s a constant goal. It brings har- mony, peace and great satisfaction when we attain it. Even in our every- day lives we strive to reach that ultimate balance. Am I spending enough quality time with my partner and/or family? Am I eating a bal- anced diet? Is my checkbook in balance? Am I getting the right amount of rest and exercise to stay healthy and fit? When something’s out of balance, all other parts of the equation are stressed. Eventually things have a way of catching up with us – physically, mentally, or financially – until we make changes to put everything back in proper perspective.

Shifting gears to our sport horses: regardless of the discipline, every equestrian strives to have that perfect balance in the saddle or under harness so as not to disturb the balance of the horse in motion. Sounds simple enough, but indeed it takes years and years of hard work to get there! Our balance in the saddle is critical to our horse’s own equilibrium and performance. When you have 1400 pounds of galloping horseflesh underneath you heading towards a four foot solid cross country jump, your weight and position over that jump better be in sync and rhythm with that of your horse, otherwise the consequences could be dire. If you ride an extended trot or canter pirouette with just the slightest incorrect position or weight distribution, it can drastically affect your horse’s balance and his ability to perform the movement at his best.

A few months ago at WT we were saddened to learn of Sally Swift’s passing, the famed author, teacher and developer of the “Centered Riding” program. I had the pleasure of meeting Sally many years ago in Vermont, and I can attest that there was no person more dedicated to helping riders find that perfect balance than Sally. Regardless of a rider’s discipline, her advice and guidance in her books as well as at her clinics were very creative and effective tools to achieving that goal. She’s left a legacy behind which equestrians for decades – maybe centuries – will benefit from.

In each issue of WT, we strive to provide the perfect balance of articles and stories that will inform and inspire all types of sport horse readers – amateurs, professionals, and breeders – regardless of their discipline. So in this third issue, we present two articles where determined horse owners saved their sport horse from devastating diseases. We also give you a glimpse into the personalities of wonderful champion mares that are unique and special in their own right. We give tribute to a stallion that was the only Thoroughbred to be approved by numerous Warmblood registries. From an international perspective, we were able to get an interview with one of Germany’s top breed and show judges. Between great photo moments at the Kentucky Rolex and thought-provoking points of view, we hope this issue will demonstrate a balanced approach to what’s really happening in our wonderful world of Warmbloods.

Please enjoy “Your Connection to the Modern Sport Horse.”

Liz Cornell

Publisher, Warmbloods Today

Our Mission:Warmbloods Today is the only magazine in North America focused on the entire spectrum of Warmblood breeds. It’s a place where people from all aspects of the sport horse community can come together: amateurs, owners, trainers and breeders. Each issue contains interesting, informative and often heart-warming stories of peoples’ experiences with their horses, along with thought-provoking opinions from various professionals and amateurs. We cover all horses from European descent bred for the sports of jumping, dressage, eventing and driving including the Iberian breeds and American Warmbloods.

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