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Lighting the Way
Paul Coggins Marcom Manager at Philips Electronics UK Ltd., looks at the LED revolution.
he Sustainability agenda is currently consumption and of course the
the strongest driver for the general enhancement of the
introduction of LEDs into more and architecture of the building, then
more applications. However, whilst the arguments are compelling
LEDs can without doubt make a indeed. Clearly, this shift to LEDs
significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions, will continue in the future.
they also offer architects and designers many Along London’s Southbank it
more opportunities than simply assuaging their is already happening. Take, for
environmental conscience. example, County Hall:
LEDs represent the most significant its already imposing baroque
development in lighting since the invention of the façade is now equally impressive
electric light more than a century ago. Currently by night as it is by day.
LEDs are still continuing to develop with The exceptional lighting
the efficiency more or less doubling every projection of powerful LED
two years. modules has meant that County Hall has become 4000 K, but it has also meant that relamping need
The efficiencies are now sufficient to exceed the an equally distinctive and attractive landmark on only be done every 10 years in comparison with
targets in Part L of the building regulations with the night time scene as its other famous every 5 using SON.
lifetimes of 60,000 h. neighbour, the London Eye. Not only that, However, for lighting designers and architects
However, as this rate continues the main but it opens up an attractive proposition for one of the most exciting opportunities that LEDs
question is not when they will replace what by corporate clients who hire out the area for their offer is the potential for new and imaginative
when, but what new developments will be made own events giving them the opportunity to select luminaires to be developed. With LEDs we have a
possible. We are already witnessing how LEDs their own choice of colours or to complement their new scenario where the bulb and fitting can be
are beginning to create a new lighting landscape. brand image. replaced by a single lighting unit.
Certainly they offer full economic and Further along the same stretch of the river the This still needs to be designed with thermal
environmental benefits but they also offer a rather mundane subway system beneath the BFI properties in mind, but we no longer need the
chance to open up a world of endless creative IMAX cinema has now been transformed by the large volumes of the past. Why do luminaires
possibilities, creating lighting solutions in places adoption of LED technology. Here, the forward need to be straight or square - only because the
and ways that were never possible before. thinking South Bank Employers Group recognised lamps are straight? LEDs change the design rules
Imagine lights that adapt automatically to the that by embracing the dynamic quality of LEDs enabling new luminaires to be designed for an
time of day, creating colours and effects to suit they could not only inject a sense of vibrancy into inspirational environment that is pleasant to live
the weather, season or specific calendar events. the area, but also create a greater sense of safety and work in. Out go conventional flat, square,
Think of possibilities for design, fashion or safety into an otherwise quite uninspiring and rather thick shapes to be replaced by irregular, thin,
when you can embed lighting into roads, building neglected subway system to the benefit of tourists curved forms. Such thinking spawns a new
materials, furniture or even clothes such as jackets and commuters alike. approach to design, replacing the conventional
for police or road workers. Consider what city In the area of street lighting, LEDs also have the by the unconventional.
planners or designers could do with lights of every potential to change the way we light our streets Lighting designers and architects can, therefore,
colour that can be programmed to deliver an array and roads at night; for example, by being look forward to exciting times ahead not only in
of effects. embedded into new pavements or safety fences the area of dynamic colour displays but also for
Not just on/off or dimmed, but all kinds of etc. In fact, Rockstone Lane, in Southampton, is white light applications. With companies standing
states, even mimicking a video display. All this the first project in the UK to trial LEDs. Seeing the by their commitment to provide high quality LED
whilst minimising light pollution since the light can potential to reduce its carbon footprint, solutions by offering 3 year guarantees you can
be precisely targeted and integrated unnoticed on Southampton City Council decided to replace its rest assured of outstanding performance, product
walls and surfaces providing better solutions than conventional SON lamps with Fortimo LED integrity and reliability you can trust.
conventional technology. Add to this the benefits modules. Not only is the new installation well-lit The LED revolution has begun. The possibilities
of lower maintenance costs, low energy offering a neutral white colour temperature of ahead are limited only by our imagination.
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