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Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel

Mike Hynson

achieved noto- riety as one of the two stars of the movie Endless Sum- mer, along with fellow surfer Robert August. Now famous but not rich, the movie did parlay Hynson into the celeb- rity spotlight and ultimately to a prototypical California crash and burn. But Mike did not stay down forever, cementing his reputation as an important surfoard shaper who no less a luminary than Gerry Lopez referred to as one of the most important innovators in the evolu- tion of board design. He pioneered a down rail shape that changed modern surfoard design. Mike was one of the greatest and most sig-

nificant surfers ever in the San Diego area, along with the legendary Skip Frye, Woody Ekstrom, Mike Doyle, Rusty Miller, Donald Takayama, Joey Buran, and longboarder Joel Tudor. In the 60’s his life took a quixotic turn when he met the late and infamous John Gale and started Rainbow Surfoards in Laguna Beach. Tis is the untold history of southern California’s surfing flower power.

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Sleeping In Te Shorebreak And Other Hairy Surfing Stories

Don Wolf rode his first wave at Malibu in

the early fiſties. Since that time, or so it would seem, “He hasn’t been off his board yet.” He has produced two feature length surfing films, Al- ways Another Wave and Te Search for Gomez.

Remarkable...a must read for every surfer, be- ginner or professional. And for the non-surfer- observer. Tis book will open up new worlds.

Steve Pezman Publisher, Te Surfer’s Journal

Tis is a rare view of surfing...its triumphs, foibles, and happy mishaps. Tere have been many books written on surfing but none, in my opinion, with the refreshing point-of-view this

book offers. Lance Carson Malibu

Available at: The Ocean Magazine • February/March 2012 27

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