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Stephanie Ellison grew up in a home filled with abuse and neglect, leading her to believe she wasn’t worthy of anyone’s love. Being a foster child at Buckner International created opportunities in her life to learn about Jesus, know God’s love for the first time and realize she was living a purposeful life. Now, Ellison is a devoted wife and mother, and she uses the beautiful singing voice God gave her to praise him for her transformation. Learn more at

But less than a year after coming to Buckner, I

was enamored with the incredible stories of ministry I heard every time I turned around. I soon realized there were just too many good stories not to have a vehicle in which to tell them. So the new Buckner Today was born.

Since 1995, our goal has been to use this quarterly magazine as a channel to tell the Buckner story, or as we say, “tell the Buckner story by telling Buckner stories.” Since then, Buckner Today has won countless awards for design, writing and photography. As writers, we remind ourselves that we are not the

story; we are the storytellers. We would prefer that the last thing you read is the byline (who wrote it). We’d prefer you read the story and then turn back to the beginning to see who wrote it. If that happens, then we know the story came first and we are second.

Story time

I’ve seen the looks. Eyes dart sideways and heads roll back slightly, followed by a faint sigh. It happens every time I start telling a story. I love a good story. Well, to be more accurate and

honest, I love telling a good story. Maybe it’s because I grew up reading Mark Twain, or that my favorite passages in the Bible are when Jesus tells a story. Whatever the reason, stories captivate me. I’m a much better listener, and I absorb information more thoroughly when I hear it in a story. Which brings me to Buckner Today. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Buckner Today as a magazine. Before its current format, it was a small newsletter used to communicate basic information about what was going on at Buckner.

Scott Collins is Vice President of Communications at Buckner International.

SUMMER 2015 ISSUE • Buckner Today 5

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