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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. - Pablo Picasso

75253 TIFFANY: Color and Light

edited by Rosalind Pepall ‘Glass of all hues and colours’. Streaky, mottled or spotted, feather, streamer, drapery, hammered, ‘jewels’ or cabochons, ripple glass, fractured or confetti glass. Tiffany’s furnace managed to combine four to five different colours thanks to Nach’s expertise

75457 LITTLE TIM COLLECTION: Six Books and CD Box Set

by Edward Ardizzone and Stephen Fry Oh now this is really special. Audio books are rarely remaindered these days and one read by Stephen Fry is an event in itself. Not only are there six tracks running time approximately 79 minutes on the exclusive audio CD but also the full text and original watercolour drawings in glamorous large hardback editions, all boxed and slipcased for safe keeping or gift giving. Edward Ardizzone was born in 1900 and illustrated more than 170 books. His outstanding work in the field of children's book illustrations won him the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1956. The adventures of Tim are firm favourites with readers young and old. With very large print, colour and line art, each volume in the series has 48 pages and has been beautifully designed and produced by Frances Lincoln Children's Books. The titles are Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain, Tim to the Rescue, Tim All Alone, Tim in Danger, Tim's Friend Towser and Tim and Ginger who is his best friend with whom he played ducks and drakes by throwing flat pebbles so they skimmed the water on the beach. Ginger was very good at this. 'Poof! He would say. 'I have been a sailor boy and know all about the silly old sea.' One day, the boys found the old boat man looking sad and serious and learned about poor Tom, the baker's son who had gone shrimping and was caught by the tide. An adventure story for all times and ages, we see little Tim stowing away on a steamer, with his great friend Captain McFee on board ship, losing his parents, at sea in a terrible fog, finding a puppy in one of the

lifeboats and more. Salty, satisfying

picture books, each was published at £11.99.

Special box set first time discounted. £49.99

NOW £25

and certain colours combined in the molten state or when cooling. The results are spectacular. Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) first set out to become a painter and was influenced by his trip to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt via Europe which he began in July 1870. His Orientalist-inspired rooms he later decorated for clients demonstrate the influence and Tiffany concentrated on the atmospheric effects of light in his canvases. On his trip he was an enthusiastic collector of enamelled glass, multicoloured carpets and the brilliant hues of the tiles and fabrics he saw. All this came to bear on the Favrile glassware he created bringing beauty, colour and magic to everyday existence. Tiffany glass could accompany you when you dined, dressed, decorated, read, pray and die. Tiffany had been inspired by the principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement and was the product of the American Aesthetic Movement’s love of ornamentation and colour. His work was exhibited beside the swirling lines and patterns of French Art Nouveau and his love of the mysteries of the glass medium drew him into the Symbolist spirit of the period. His first leaded-glass window in his Bella Apartments studio was radical in its assembly of contrasting painterly and sculptural effects in glass. He went on to create and original Tiffany style. This spectacular showcase publication is a tremendously heavy outsize tome with gold blocking and tipped in illustration to the front, cloth spine and containing 185 colour illustrations in 264 pages. Nine specialists examine Tiffany’s prodigious productions from his earliest window to the ‘Peacock’ vases and signature Wisteria and Dragonfly lamps, the spectacular ‘aqua-marine’ vase with goldfish suspended inside on page 159, iridescent vases, peacock feather designs, spectacular windows with grapevine and lemon trees or magnolia trees, his domestic and ecclesiastical windows, stunning mosaics and glass tiles, even tall-cased clock faces and entrance halls to apartments and the dome in the Chicago Library, all from his glass studio. A fine Skira publication in collaboration with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Special import. $60 NOW £25


YOUR POCKET by William Hardie Sir John Lavery, Sir James Guthrie, George Henry, Edward Atkinson Hornel, Joesph Crawhall, Edward Arthur Walton and William Kennedy formed the main group of painters associated with a Glasgow school, known as the Glasgow Boys. They revolutionised Scottish painting in the years between 1880 and 1895 and their influence lasted until just before the First World War. They were among some 18 painters who with various friendships and groups offered a fresh, realist view of Scottish countryside and Scottish life. Their later more decorative works of art were influenced by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists as well as by Japanese and Dutch art. As Glasgow became the fourth largest city in Europe, its wealthy industrialists, publishers and merchants built lavish homes in the countryside and there was a rising demand for works of art to hang on these newly built walls. This excellent, beautifully illustrated and colourful quick guide looks at decoration, realism, background and short biographies. With satin bookmark, beautifully produced, 192pp. £9.99 NOW £5


shadows From The

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to Drive, 100 all-time favorite film noirs and neo- noirs.

See page 13 HISTORY

The past lies upon the Present like a giant’s body.

- Nathanial Hawthorne


German and John Rees As far as the tourist and heritage industry is concerned London is the historic seat of government, monarchy, empire, business and power, an urban wonderland for the privileged and a place more soaked in amazing architecture, history and cultural richness than anywhere else on the planet. But immersed in all

this wealth, pomp and pageantry are the lives of ordinary Londoners down the centuries and those who have been pamphleteers, agitators, exiles and revolutionaries, in a place where millions of people have struggled in obscurity for basic rights or to secure a better future. The Levellers doomed struggle for equal rights following the Civil War, the silk weavers, match girls and dockers who took on the all-powerful and seemingly unassailable factory owners in a battle for workers’ rights, famed revolutionaries like Karl Marx, Wat Tyler and John Wycliffe and those less celebrated like William Longbeard and John Ball, the Suffragettes, the heroes of the Blitz and even the ordinary East Enders who took on Oswald Mosely’s Black Shirts in Cable Street - all these and many more make an engrossing examination of the world capital of revolution, rebellion and free thought. 310pp paperback. £12.99 NOW £6.50


BEDSIDE BOOK: Volume I Adventurous Escapades and Memories

compiled by Paul Tempest, In a wobbly world, the Bank of England remains unshaken, riding the storms, the ‘lender of last resort’, bastion of probity and history. This volume offers not only a treasure chest of memory, but also a charming, affectionate and

eminently readable pot pourri of fact and anecdote, carefully chosen from its archives and bringing to life the dynamics and personalities of the world’s most famous bank. To the outsider, the Bank of England’s massive portals convey aloofness, if not virtual impenetrability. All the casual visitor sees, venturing within the Main Entrance Hall, is a Graeco-Roman façade with lofty marble and basalt pillars. To an insider like the author, it is a repository of all human life. How many readers know that, a century or so ago, Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows, was Secretary of the Bank for 10 years? Who can guess which of his colleagues inspired the infuriating Mr Toad? And are borrowers aware of the dangers involved in working for the Old Lady of Theadneedle Street? We assume that very few of them know of the horrific fate, in 1695, of the Deputy Governor, who was delivering the wages of the British Army and was decapitated by a cannon-ball. 241 unexpected pages. With drawings by Danny Denahy and cartoons by Basil Hone. £16.95 NOW £6


introduced by Mary Dejevsky Produced in association with the Encyclopedia Britannica here is the essential guide to the nation, people and culture of Rossiyskaya Federatsiya (Russian Federation) which stretches over a vast expanse of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Russia became an independent country after the

dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. By far the world’s largest country, it spans 11 time zones and


thyself Explore the complex and amazing universe that lives beneath your skin. 75151 Encyclopedia Anatomica. See page 30

ISSN 1478-064X CATALOGUE NO. 324 AUG / SEPT 2014



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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.

- Dr. Seuss, I Can Read with my Eyes Shut! 75588 KATE GREENAWAY

BOOK OF GAMES written and illustrated by Kate Greenaway Good old skipping where two children each hold one end of a rope and stand so that in turning it just touches the ground in the middle. Puss in the Corner where one child stands in the middle and another beckons saying ‘Puss, puss, give

me a drop of water!’ when each runs and changes places. Tops, teapot, hunt the ring, twenty questions, see-saw, marbles, up Jenkins, touch wood, battledore and shuttlecock, hunt the slipper, earth. air, fire and water, mulberry bush, the story game, proverbs, the hat game, hopscotch, musical chairs, hoops, blind man’s bluff and we are only half way through this delightful compendium of traditional games. With gorgeous original colour pictures by the acclaimed children’s book illustrator Kate Greenaway and diagrams for some of the games. Very large pages, padded cover gift edition. ONLY £6


FUN by Jonathan Lambert Little ones aged three and up are curious and love animals and many of us will remember fuzzy felt from our childhood. Well these are a modernised

and much improved version! Open the pages of the board colour story book and add the characters on the coloured felt on the five fun felt play areas on the right hand side. In the jungle monkey loves to steal the toucan’s fruit! Yikes! Watch out, there’s a shark about and he has the sharpest teeth... add your own pictures to this fun animal story. Super value box set. £9.99 NOW £5


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