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TECHNOLOGY NEWS PreSonus Unlocks SL Room Control

PreSonus has announced availability of SL Room Control, a free, powerful, and easy-to-use system-control and performance-monitoring software for StudioLive AI Active Integration loudspeakers. Te software runs under Mac OS X 10.7 and later, Windows 7 or 8, and iOS 7 and later for Apple iPad 2 or later.

SL Room Control gives users the equivalent control of a rack-mount loudspeaker-

management system and it works wirelessly or over a wired (Ethernet) local area network.

Te software provides access to a suite of editing controls for customising each StudioLive AI-series speaker on the network to compensate for room anomalies, create delay systems, eliminate feedback, and more. Tese features include a 500ms alignment delay (in 0.1ms increments); eight-band parametric EQ; eight notch filters (0.72 of one half-step) for surgical frequency removal; input-level control to limit the maximum output of the speaker; mute; and solo.

Using the software it is possible to remotely select any of four DSP contours that customise the loudspeaker for normal operation, playing low-bitrate MP3s, floor-monitor operation, or extended low-

frequency boost for the StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer. Users can also remote control the 100Hz highpass filter on each full- range model and the polarity reverse on the 18sAI subwoofer.

With SL Room Control, it is also possible to edit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters, as well as set custom labels and comments for each speaker. In addition, speakers can be grouped in order to manage specific parts of the system, then save all settings for the entire system in a single preset. SL Room Control for Mac OS X and Windows is free to registered StudioLive AI-series loudspeaker owners and can be downloaded from the customer’s online My PreSonus account. SL Room Control for iPad is a free download from the Apple App Store.

Waves Introduces the Abbey Road Collection

Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios, the Waves Abbey Road Collection features a lineup of plug-ins that model the studios’ microphones, consoles, tape machines, and signature effects. Te Waves Abbey Road Collection includes the REDD consoles, the RS56 Passive EQ

(‘the Curve Bender’), and the J37 Tape, as well as the Vintage King’s Microphones and the Reel ADT. All of these plug-ins are modelled on the original, rare, and often exclusive Abbey Road Studios hardware, providing users with legendary sound in the studio or live on stage.

6 June 2014

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New Serpent Audio 500 Series

New York-based Serpent Audio and KMR Audio have introduced two new 500 series products: the Chimera, an optical compressor based on the LA-3A, and the Send N’ Blend, a dedicated ‘mix and blend’ control module for out-of- the-box parallel processing.

Te Serpent Audio Chimera uses a T4B optical cell for gain reduction, which is responsible for the compression characteristics of both Urei/Teletronix’s LA-2A and LA-3A compressors. Combined with an all-discrete circuit design, Class AB transistor output, and transistor balanced input and output, the Chimera is said to produce a thick, rich, and smooth opto compression sound.

It includes a steel enclosure and cover, Orange Drop and Elna capacitors, Sifam vu Meter, hard bypass and PCX power monitoring. A compress/limit mode switch gives users the same option as offered by the original LA-3A. Te Chimera also features a custom wound output and EL transformers, which have been made to meet the original specifications. Te Send N’ Blend features a dry signal which connects to the standard XLR input of a 500 series chassis, and a wet signal accessible at the front via the TRS jack input located at the front of the unit. Te Wet signal can also be routed to the ‘Omniport’ connection at the back of a workhorse or the ‘Input 2’ on a Purple Audio Sweet 10 Chassis. A three-way switch lets users bypass the dry or wet signal while the blend position gives control of the amount of dry or wet signal via the main control knob. Te Send N’ Blend uses the same core audio path as the SB4001 Mixbuss compressor and boasts Elna capacitors and a sealed Alps potentiometer.

Shure Announces ShurePlus Channels

Shure has revealed ShurePlus Channels, an iOS-based mobile device application that enables real-time remote monitoring and controlling of several Shure wireless systems, such as Axient, ULX-D Digital Wireless, the newly launched QLX-D Digital Wireless, as well as the PSM1000 Personal Monitor System.

Supported on Apple mobile devices

running iOS 7, ShurePlus Channels relays critical channel information including RF signal strength, audio levels, and remaining battery life, and allows remote adjustment of frequency assignments, audio gain, muting, and more.

Tis basic version to monitor the systems is free. Trough additional in-app purchases, users can further unlock the ability to remotely control their Shure wireless system and make changes to channel parameters.

When connected to a dedicated WiFi network, ShurePlus Channels automatically discovers compatible Shure hardware. When combined with ShowLink Remote Control for Axient, ShurePlus Channels allows for simultaneous adjustment of transmitter and receiver settings.

Te ShurePlus Channels iOS app will be available for download from the Apple App Store in 62 EMEA countries this summer.

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