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26 l May 2014

studioreport NETHERLANDS Zany agrees with Solid State Logic

Eindhoven’s Innersound Studio has chosen an SSL AWS 948 console to produce the Low Countries’ most popular dance beats, reports Marc Maes

RAOUL VAN Grinsven – aka DJ Zany – started his recording facility, Innersound Studio, some 20 years ago. Today, the studio is located alongside three other production studios and offices in Eindhoven, Netherlands, as part of holding company Fusion bv. With Zany’s trademark hardstyle electronic dance music (EDM) heating up dancefloors worldwide, Van Grinsven mainly concentrates on production work for his own material and tracks by labelmates on the Fusion dance label. “With dropping physical music sales, even in the 12-inch vinyl market, the only way to make our music viable is DJing every weekend,” says Van Grinsven. “Along with digital download sales,

getting on stage is what pays. I consider my productions publicity to boost my DJ bookings.”

Innersound’s first console was a Mackie 32/8 bus, and although Van Grinsven was happy with the desk’s sound, time pressures and multiple production assignments urged him to look for other solutions. “I’ve always been fascinated by those huge consoles you see in the US,” continues Van Grinsven, “and I absolutely wanted such a desk at Innersound. After I had traded my two Yamaha O1V desks for a Sony DMX-R100, I still remained hungry [for one]. With Cubase and Logic steadily gaining ground, the Sony turned out [to be] a bit slow, and I decided to start

DJ Zany and his AWS 948 at Innersound Studio

working ‘in the box’ until I could afford an SSL console.”

When, in August last year, Jules Fransen, sales manager and product support engineer for Joystick Audio Netherlands, came to see Van Grinsven’s production studio, this presented an opportunity for a long-awaited SSL desk. “I wanted to expand my peripherals – I had already bought a Tube-Tech SMC 2B compressor and two Slate Pro Audio Dragons, running my ‘in the box’ recordings through analogue

supplied two PMC IB2S-A demo-monitors. “The studio was equipped with Genelec 850 studio monitors,” explains Van Grinsven. “I was used to their sound, but working with an SSL also requires top-quality monitoring, and what struck me was the very detailed musical reproduction of the IB2S speakers. We’ve been A/B testing the monitors for two weeks and the verdict was in favour of the PMCs.” Innersound became the first studio in Benelux to install PMC IB2S-As.

“The SSL sounded very ‘greasy’ and it was love at first sight – in combination with Logic X and Cubase 7.5, it was astonishing”

Raoul Van Grinsven

compression and bouncing back in the box,” says Van Grinsven. “Jules happened to live in the neighbourhood and he’d suggested I go for a Cranesong HEDD processor, and, together with the Tube-Tech and the Dragon in tandem, the sound was superb.”

Fransen told Van Grinsven about the new SSL AWS 948 console, and a one-day demo session convinced Raoul to use the analogue desk. “The SSL sounded very ‘greasy’ and it was love at first sight – in combination with Logic X and Cubase 7.5, it was astonishing. It was a huge investment but really worth every euro. It’s a new world opening up. I ran some of my ‘in the box’ tracks for a remix on the SSL and the result was so much better.”

When Van Grinsven took delivery of the new console, Joystick Audio also

Mathijs Indesteege, sales director at Joystick Audio Belgium, counts a growing number of dance producers among his clients. “Apparently this is one of the niches in the music market that’s not affected by the [eurozone] crisis. The growing professionalism and quality of many dance producers leads them to brands such as SSL and PMC,” says Indesteege, referring to earlier investments by local EDM greats like Peter Luts and DJ Basto. “As for [Innersound’s] new PMC speakers, the IB2S-A series are, as main monitors, more compact, combining power and definition. The built-in DSP system allows them to be tailored to the control room’s acoustics.” 

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