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laboratory informatics

Bring me benefits, not features

Tom Wilkie finds out what makes the Paperless

Lab Academy distinctive

technology means. To look at the benefits, instead of saying “I have the best product, version 5.6.9, available now and you have to wait 10 seconds instead of 20” – people get sick and tired of that.’ His other objective was to look: ‘From start to


finish: not just at the lab itself but the laboratory, and everything we are doing from the scientific perspective, as part of the value-chain from research, to development, to manufacturing. Tat’s where people are going from paper to paperless. But how can you get that kind of

ccording to Peter Boogaard, organiser of the Paperless Lab Academy, the purpose of the meeting in May is: ‘To wake up people to what the

information – which can be explicit or tacit – how can you get that knowledge into the whole life cycle? Tat was the thought-process when I started the paperless lab academy.’ Data standardisation is a critical element,

but one that is lacking from the industry at the moment. But, ‘if you have some standard, you can at least share information,’ he continued. He believes that the industry realises that it is working in silos and needs to be more holistic if it is to realise those benefits. Lawrence Barratt, digital R&D discovery programme director for Unilever, will deliver one of the keynotes, highlighting the ‘people aspect’ – change management in going from paper to paperless. According to Boogaard, the emphasis will be on: ‘how important it is to keep things simple’. Te second keynote, from David Stokes,

global lead, life sciences at consultancy company Venostic, is ‘From Paper to the Cloud – Minimising the Risk’, and is one of several presentations on cloud technologies

and tablets that will seek to peer behind the hype to discern the real value, again as distinct from the features. Te International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), which is responsible for developing the GAMP5 guidelines, is looking at how one can deploy the cloud and similar technologies, even in a regulatory environment, and Stokes’ presentation will also deal with this, providing concrete examples of where the industry is today.



But Boogaard is keen to stress that the

meeting will not consist solely of presentations – there will also be 12 interactive workshops, also focusing on specific business cases – on the benefits and not the features. Tere is no cost for participants to attend the

Paperless Lab Academy, which takes place on 13 and14 May at the Holiday Inn, Amsterdam.

13-14 May 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Learn how to implement self-documenting processes Discover the enormous potential of paperless data management

Over 20 presentations and live demonstrations Post congress training courses Networking reception

Free register* at Paperlesslab Academy

*Rules apply

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