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Silver Award Jewel Spinning Top

Distributor: Asco Educational Supplies

Tel: 01132 707070 Web: Price: £37.50 each Age range: 1+ years

Description: In this game children can have first experiences with colour mixing and physical laws like rotation, in addition to developing motor skills and visual perception. When turning the spinning top, they will be amazed at the fascinating interplay of the colours. Ideal for small children due to ease of handling. Disc diameter: 23cm, 1.5cm thick.

Score: 89.8%

What the testers said: “A lovely, hardwearing, good quality toy. The colours are vibrant and it appealed to a wide range of children, the younger ones getting a lot out of it from just looking at the bright colours. They have really enjoyed playing with this and are very interested in the gems and the effects they give when spun. The older children were able to spin it on their own and it is suitable for children with visual impairment. I like that is easy to store and there are no little bits to get lost. It is high quality and will last a long time.”

3 Snugglepets

Supplier/Manufacturer: Flair Tel: 020 8643 0320 Price: £14.99-£24.99 Age range: 3+ years

Description: CuddleUpPets are a very special mix of super-soft blanket and colourful puppet. Give kids a favourite friend to snuggle up to when travelling, watching TV or going to bed. Autumn will see Purple Monkey and White Unicorn join the line-up of Pink Poodle, Hot Pink Lady Bird and Duck.

Score: 88.4%

What the testers said: “The blanket is instantly appealing to children because not only is it lovely and soft, it has a cuddly toy puppet in one corner to play with. The children began talking and interacting with him immediately. It is great for encouraging role-play, acting and imaginative play. The children all had big smiles on rediscovering him at each play session – they talked about how cosy and warm he was. It is a good size, so is actually useful as a blanket and not just a toy! It’s certainly very, very popular with children!”


Gadget The Robot

Supplier/Manufacturer: Vtech Electronics

Tel: 01235 546845 Web: Price: £39.99 Age range: 3-7 years

Description: Learn all about the letters, numbers, objects, music and more with this cool robot friend. Pop in a computer chip and turn his nose! You can also twist his ears and eyes for sound effects and phrases. Includes LCD screen, six modes of play, 26 letter/object chips and four funny chips.

Score: 88.4%

What the testers said: “Very colourful and easy to use and even 18-month-olds were fascinated and were able to follow the simple instructions. This is a lovely toy, best suited to 3-5 years. Overall the children enjoy the novelty of finding out how he works.”

Toys and Games 3-5 3

Community Starter Set

Manufacturer: LEGO Education Tel: 0800 334 5346 Web: Price: £139.99 + VAT Age range: 4+ years

Description: This set has everything you need to encourage large group play and cooperation around the community theme. With enough elements for 19 children to have 100 each, this set stimulates creative building, storytelling and fun while learning too.

Score: 86.8%

What the testers said: “The children enjoyed using the toy and loved the range of pieces. This is an excellent resource for a pre-school and the container is great for storage. There are endless play possibilities and the bright colours appeal to children.”


Karisma Kidz Esteem Builder Superhero Dolls


Manufacturer: Karisma Kidz Tel: 07946 722521 Web: Price: £39.99 Age range: 3-9 years

Description: The Karisma Kidz are a bright coloured range of interactive rag dolls available in different genders and ethnicities. Each doll plays 10 pre-set esteem-building messages and an inspirational story. It also has an inbuilt microphone for you to record your own esteem-building messages.

Score: 86.6%

What the testers said: “Great design, very appealing to the children. Fab idea, especially being able to record own messages. Promotes self-confidence/ esteem and encourages others to be kind. The dolls looked fun and stylish and the children really liked listening to them. They easily got the hang of recording their own messages and it was lovely to see one child record one for another.”

Doctor McStuffins Doctors Bag

Supplier: Flair Tel: 020 8643 0320 Web: Price: £19.99 Age range: 3+ years

Description: Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Play set includes 8 glittery & sparkly pieces – Doc’s bag, play thermometer, syringe, blood pressure cuff with working gauge, otoscope, bandage cuff, sticker sheet and Doc’s magical light up stethoscope!

Score: 84.6%

What the testers said: “Instantly attractive resource, especially to the girls who loved that it was pink and sparkly! Encouraged lots of role play and the children loved the individual pieces inside and the sound of the stethoscope. I would recommend this product; children used

lots of language in their play (“are you poorly?” or “do you need an injection?”). A nice resource to have in our role play area.”


16 Practical Pre-School Awards 2013

Toys and Games 3-5

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