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F Participants at the Baptist Men’s Confab in Ocho Rios Baptist Men Confab in Jamaica A

pproximately 250 men from the Caribbean and around the world traveled to the Ocho Rios Baptist Church on July 2 for the Baptist World Alliance Men’s Confab, held to coincide with the BWA Annual Gathering. “The church was filled with an electric atmosphere as new friendships were

established and old acquaintances renewed their bonds of friendship,” Lucky Ray, president of American Baptist Men’s Ministry, said. “Men from all walks of life became as one body in Christ Jesus.” The confab was a joint effort between the BWA Men’s Department, the Caribbean

Baptist Fellowship (CBF) Men’s Department and the Jamaica Baptist Union Brotherhood. Topics had a strong focus on encouraging men to faithfully rise up to the challenge as providers, protectors and priests. The theme, “Men of God on the Move,” drawn from Matthew 28:19-20, sought to encourage and strengthen the worldwide discipleship thrust of Baptist men. Workshop topics included “Wholesomeness – a Society Designed by God” by Kiviyiekielie Linyu, executive director of the Angami Baptist Church Council and president of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council in in India; “The Man’s Role in the Family and Community” by Lucky Ray; “Christian Men in Business” by Glen Christian, founder and CEO of Cari-Med Limited in Jamaica; “The Challenge of Restoring Christian Values” by Forestal Lawton, immediate past president and current director of the BWA Men’s Department and president of the North American Baptist Men’s Fellowship; and “Understanding Males in a Changing World” by Ayoola Badejo, management consultant, president of the All Africa Baptist Men’s Department and secretary of the BWA Men’s Department. BWA General Secretary Neville Callam charged the men to rise up to the task at hand. He reminded the gathering that in the past, the BWA Men’s Department did great things for God, including the acquisition and distribution of 100,000 Bibles in Russia and another 1,000 Bibles in Liberia. There used to be a publication, the Baptist Men’s Manual. He declared that if the BWA Men’s Department were to regain its rightful place in the leadership of the BWA, undertakings such as these must be on the agenda. The BWA leader expressed excitement about what he was witnessing. He assured the men of his continued support and noted recent improvements and signs of renewal in the BWA men’s movement. He offered a strong challenge to the men to be even more involved in their ministry and to prove their relevance. Luke Shaw, president of the Jamaica Baptist Union, challenged men as

individuals and as a Christian body, emphasizing that men must live out the beauty of an exemplary life. There should be consistency, the Jamaican Baptist head said. Men can’t be teaching one life and living another. People must see Christ in them, especially when they are facing difficult and trying circumstances. Other participants at the confab were Everton Jackson, BWA regional secretary for the Caribbean and executive secretary/treasurer for the CBF; Owen Crooks, president of the BWA Men’s Department; David Serrant, chairman of the CBF Men’s Department; and Jonathan Hemmings, pastor of the Ocho Rios Baptist Church.


Five Leading

ive leading Baptist figures were honored and memorialized during the Annual Gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. They were pioneer Baptist missionary George Liele, freedom fighter and anti-slavery leader Sam Sharpe, Baptist leader and educator Duke McCall, Black theologian J. Deotis Roberts and peace activist Glen Stassen, who received the 2013 Denton and Janice Lotz Human Rights Award. Following is a profile of each.

Duke MCCALL Instructive Model for Baptists

A session in honor of Duke McCall, president of the BWA from 1980-1985, was held, and a resolution passed by the

General Council, commending

McCall “as an instructive model for denominational service and leadership as a Baptist educator.” During the session, BWA President John Upton spoke of his personal experience of McCall’s humility and kindness while he was a student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), where McCall was president from 1951-1982. BWA General Secretary Neville

Callam also spoke about the insights he had gained into the character of McCall as he researched BWA literature. He spoke of the humanity of a man who conveyed deep self confidence that did nothing to conceal his own sense of personal vulnerability.

Bob Garrett, Piper Professor of

Missions at Dallas Baptist University in the state of Texas in the United States, used a multi-media presentation to trace the life of McCall, beginning with his birth in Meridian, Mississippi, his upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee, through his schooling at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. The

presentation moved on to

McCall’s early days at SBTS where he earned a doctorate in Old Testament studies. Garrett also described McCall’s tenure as pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Louisville,

Kentucky, his

retirement, recent passing and his funeral service in Louisville. McCall “was one of the towering

figures of Baptist life . . . who contributed in multiple ways to his own religious body, the Southern Baptist Convention in

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