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Matrix Gemini LIMS update Autoscribe says the new bulk sample registration capability of its Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) saves time when registering large numbers of samples and/or multiple sample types.

The company says details for

different sample types can be presented on a single screen, giving extra benefits to contract laboratories that carry out regular analyses of samples from many different disciplines. The bulk sample registration facility offers a grid with spreadsheet-like data-entry functionality, including copy- and-paste and fill functions for registering large numbers of


Ruro, a LIMS and sample management system provider, has announced the release of Limfinity, the engine behind Ruro’s LIMS 24/7 – now available as a stand-alone

OmicsOffice 5.0

PerkinElmer is to distribute the new OmicsOffice genomics software from Integromics in a worldwide agreement. OmicsOffice allows users of the Tibco Spotfire analytics platform to handle, process, analyse and properly visualise diverse genomics data. The software provides scientists with a rich and flexible set of

BlazeInventory 5.5

Blaze Systems has released version 5.5 of its BlazeInventory product for managing and tracking laboratory materials. This release provides human interface features for enhanced usability, including panels for navigation, hierarchical folders

of objects, and an object browser – all configurable to best meet user needs. Blaze has also added high-value functionality to manage instruments and lab standards, and so provide a fully integrated system for managing laboratory resources.


In addition, a configurable calculation processor has been added to fully support ELN operations for preparing reagents and standards from pre-defined electronic SOPs.

statistical and functional analysis tools specifically for the study and cross-validation of microarray, next generation sequencing and qPCR data on a single platform, and enables them to extract relevant and reliable biological conclusions from genomic data. Using OmicsOffice, genomics scientists can significantly improve

the quality of their results, as they respond to scalability and integration challenges in this rapidly evolving scientific field.

Michael Stapleton, general

manager, PerkinElmer Informatics, said: ‘We are delighted that PerkinElmer will take on distribution of the new OmicsOffice product.’

system that can be used without expert knowledge.

The system allows laboratories to utilise personnel mastery and understanding to achieve automation

and compliance, as well as gain a centralised repository for user, system and instrument data, says the company.

samples. This provides flexibility to accommodate a wide range of sample types, says Autoscribe. For example, the system could be set up to accept 10 similar samples followed by 20 individual samples. A test or group of tests can be easily added to a particular Bulk Sample Registration sample row as many times as needed. Data may also be prepared in Excel, or other compatible spreadsheet, and copy/pasted into the bulk sample registration grid. Bulk sample registration allows entry of the sample data to be completed in advance of the registration operation, and optionally saved as a template for future use.

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Licensed to Cure for BioPharma

Dassault Systèmes has launched a new ‘industry solution experience’ for pharmaceutical and biotech companies – ‘Licensed to Cure for BioPharma’.

Based on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEexperience platform, the product is said to transform the way biotech and pharmaceutical companies manage product and process complexity by smoothing drug variation, enabling easier and faster expansion into new markets, while managing increasing regulatory requirements. In an environment of expiring patents, more stringent regulations and increased development costs, companies are increasingly

turning to drug variations to drive growth. With one active pharmaceutical ingredient yielding as many as 1,000 finished products, a biopharmaceutical company must have a business platform that not only manages product knowledge complexity, but also simultaneously drives collaboration, innovation, and compliancy.

Dassault says Licensed to

Cure for BioPharma boosts compliance strategies and creates a structured approach to manage product and process complexity, resulting in faster delivery of product variations to new markets.

CLC Bio integrates with SciEngines CLC Bio and SciEngines have announced an integration between CLC Bio’s sequence analysis software and the newest model of SciEngines’ FPGA-based Rivyera computers.

Instead of using heuristics, it is now possible to find exact matches between sequences at a speed of 11.5 trillion cell updates per second per server – 3000 times faster than a 3.0 GHz CPU thread. Tim Pietruck, vice-president at SciEngines, said: ‘In cases where the scientist requires highest possible analysis quality, but where ordinary computers are simply too slow, our Rivyera architecture is opening up new possibilities. ‘With the newest features in our

Smith-Waterman implementation, the speed of the Rivyera S6- LX150 and the intuitive usability of CLC Bio’s front-end, we’re confident that exact sequence alignment approaches executed in real-time will start to play an increasing role in modern computational biology.’

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