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with Damian McGillicuddy

Here’s our agony aunt with a difference: every month, Damian will answer your photography questions

“Hi Damian, I love seeing your work in Olympus Magazine and have started to take some portrait shots myself. With the summer now here, I’m not sure how best to take pictures of a model outdoors. How can I approach this scenario without having them squinting in the sun?” Rita McPherson

Hi Rita, thanks for your question. Te simplest and most straightforward answer is to position your subject with the sun to their back. Tat will give you a lovely touch of rim light. Dependent on the intensity of the sun and assuming you don’t want the sunlight to burn out losing detail and tone in your image, you may need to use a reflector to push a little light back into the subject’s face. Alternatively, my preferred method is a little pop of fill-in flash. Tis will narrow the ratio between the shadow and highlight and make sure that the dynamic range of the image is all printable.

Hope that helps and enjoy your summer shooting in the glorious sunshine.

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