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Tara Lee can be seen regularly on Sky TV channel, Body in Balance and has been placed in the Evening Standard as one of the top 5 teachers in the UK today. She specialises in dynamic yoga, pregnancy yoga and post natal yoga. This issue, Tara takes some time to pass on health tips for mum and baby.


Practicing yoga during pregnancy brings many benefits for both mothers and their babies. The stretches create more space for the baby so that the mother can feel more comfortable, breathe more easily and have more energy. The space created in the body can also encourage the baby to find a good position for birth. Pregnancy yoga helps mothers to feel calmer, reduce anxiety which can also benefit their babies in the womb. The women who come to my classes during their pregnancy say they feel increasingly confident and connected to their bodies and babies which tends to really help their labour.

YOUR DIET Taking a good pre natal supplement is advisable and a cup of peaceful mama tea can help keep you calm. Eat as much organic wholefoods as possible and reduce wheat and sugar intake to avoid bloating and to facilitate labour. Most pregnant women are low in iron and taking Floradix or Spatone daily can boost iron levels and are easier for the body to absorb than iron pills (which often cause constipation). Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

YOUR BODY With your bump growing daily it is important that you massage it with oil to prevent stretch marks appearing. Check that the products you use are as natural as possible and that they don’t contain any oils that you should be avoiding while pregnant. I have also had recommendations from the girls in my class for the Mama Mio range.

BLOSSOM & TARA LEE YOGA SET This set provides you with all the essentials you need to start up your own pregnancy yoga practice at home. The set contains a lovely scented candle, my best selling Pregnancy Health Yoga DVD and a flattering yoga outfit. You can wear this beautiful, soft, stretchy yoga top and loose trousers while you follow the DVD exercises all in the comfort of your own candle scented room!

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