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bags had not made it to Henderson with her. She wondered if she would be able to drill up a new arsenal in time for her fi rst squad, how long she would have to make do without a change of clothes. “I was a little more relaxed about it than Danielle,” jokes boyfriend and fellow 2012 Team Trials champion, Marshall Kent, who traveled to

Henderson with McEwan. “We almost missed our connection in Chicago, and our bags didn’t make the connection. So we had them delivered to Sunset Station. It’s funny, because every time we travel together something always seems to stress us out or go wrong.” But this was not just stress. This was disaster. Here were the reigning Team USA Trials champions, on site and ready to bowl but with nothing other than the clothes on their backs. No bowling balls. No shoes. No clothes. Nothing. And no indication when, or if, their stuff might show up. For a moment, it seemed as though the money they spent to get there might be all they would have to show for the eff ort.

“Up until fi ve minutes before practice time, we still had nothing,” McEwan recalls. “I was in the pro shop just starting to drill up some balls when, thankfully, our stuff showed up in time.” But just in case Kent felt a little

too relaxed about it all, his spare ball came back with a gash the size of a pill bottle after he shot his fi rst spare of the tournament. One of the balls that fi nally


players and reigning USBC Queens champion, Diandra Asbaty, 267-194. McEwan started the game with the front seven strikes to build a 70-pin lead and never looked back.

“One thing she talks about is how she learned to overcome nerves by just blocking things out and being repetitive, even down to little things like tying your shoes a certain way every time,” explains McEwan’s coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Mike LoPresti. “We are using her as an example and trying to get our players to adapt Danielle’s routine to their own games.”

Repeat After Me: After rolling to the Team USA Trials title in 2012, McEwan (shown with Team USA Trials men’s champion John Szczerbinski) was just as dominating in 2013, crushing reigning USBC Queens champion Diandra Asbaty in the fi nal match.

had made it to Henderson lasted all of one shot.

You expect challenges at an event like the Team Trials. You know there will be that one pattern you cannot seem to match up on, the one messenger that doesn’t send the message just when you need it to, the stone 8 pin that will make the diff erence between a game that kicks you up the standings and a game that holds you still. You don’t worry about whether you will have clothes to wear when your squad is done. “It’s really hard,” McEwan says of

dealing with adversity. “You just have to take the punches as they come and just be able to battle the adversity. You have to realize it’s out of your control. Getting mad is not going to help you bowl any better, so you just have to take what it is and come up with the best solution and just do it.”

But it surprised exactly no one who knows McEwan when she cruised through the title match days later to wrap up her second consecutive Team USA Trials title, blasting one of the

world’s most accomplished international

McEwan, now a senior at FDU who hopes to conclude her collegiate bowling career with a national title, had plenty of things to block out in Henderson. But those little things

LoPresti speaks of are the biggest things in the eyes of Team USA assistant coach, Kim Terrell-Kearney.

“She’s very methodical,” Terrell- Kearney says. “Her pre-shot routine always is the same. There’s just a

discipline you only see with the greatest players in the world. She just gets it.” That is the thing about Danielle

McEwan: If there is anything going on in her life except the ball in her hand and the lane in front of her when she takes the approach, no one would know it. “She just has this will to win,” says

Terrell-Kearney. “There is no fear. There is this determination you see in her every time she throws the ball, whether it’s

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February 2013

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