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8 Music Week 07.12.12 DATA DIGEST CHILLING OUT

November 24, Oymyakon, Siberia: Charlie Simpson is congratulated by Raw Power’s Tristan Lillingston after play- ing Jagermeister’s record-breaking Ice Cold Gig. The star per- formed for 15 minutes in -30˚C temperatures


Today’s opinion formers predict tomorrow’s headline acts

JONATHAN HATCHMAN THE WHITEBOARD PROJECT/THIS IS FAKE DIY Born Blonde • What The Desert Taught YouMoriarty The Cat Records

The West London band have been making waves since the release of their debut, space-rock single, Solar, which opens the band’s debut album. The LP includes a handful of previously released singles, including Signs Of Fear and I Just Wanna Be – sounding like the by-product of Kasabian’s cooler grandchildren.

EDDIE ‘VERSETTI’ SMITH SOULCULTURE Jacob Banks • Kids On The Corner (Levels/Renowned Records)

Jacob Banks is an amazing old soul talent in a 21-year-old frame. The singer, songwriter and guitarist’s output is soaked in just the right amount of nostalgia/retro influence, with a modern and personal edge that will appeal to lovers of great music young and old. Mr Banks is definitely a star in the making.

MARTIN HUDSON CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Sam Sallon • Kathy’s Song (Indigo-Octagon)

Here's a British singer-songwriter doing due justice to a song made famous by Paul Simon. There are three other songs, one live, that give a heavy hint to what to expect on his album, One For The Road, next year. It's a pleasant amble by a guy with a parallel voice to that of Al Stewart. One to watch.

JOSH BENNETT MY DAD ROCKS ME Caleidra • Miss Me(Unsigned)

Following Caleidra’s impressive debut, Miss Me marks only the second release from this talented songwriter. Working with producer John McLaughlin on this single, her recognisable pop/rock sound is refined as strings and up-tempo rhythms combine. The classic pop chorus requires particular note.


Union Square Music Publishing has signed a deal to represent the catalogue of Swing Out Sister’s, Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell. The deal includes the full back catalogue of nine studio albums and a number of singles, as well as Connell’s pre- Swing Out Sister material from Factory Records’ A Certain Ratio and Kalima. The band are cur- rently promoting their album Private View and first DVD release Tokyo Stories. Candlelight Records has

signed London metal band Voices who have just finished

recording the debut album Voice From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain. The group said “We are excited to be working with the legendary Candlelight Records. Each mem- ber of the band has great appre- ciation and respect of the label’s direction and continuing legacy.” Amateur Best aka Joe Flory

(formerly known as Primary 1) has signed an album deal with DoubleDenimRecords, this also marks the first album Double Denim have signed. He will release debut album No Thrills on February 4, 2013.

 Artist Kodaline  Track All I Want  Composer Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergrast, James Flannigan  Campaign Grey’s Anatomy season 9  Publisher B Unique  Label B-unique/RCA  Client ABC  Usage Season 9 promo trailer and background use at end of episode 2, season 9  Key execs Mark Lewis and Martin Toher, co-founders at B Unique; Sue Crawshaw, founder at Pick & Mix Music; Delly Ramin, director Music Licensing at Sony Music Entertainment

Sue Crawshaw says: “All I Want is such an emotive song and it was used for a full four minutes as background music within a scene that sets up part of the new series as one of the key characters exits the show. The song was also used by ABC as their promo slot to the new season. “Following the initial airing, the track went into the US iTunes

and Shazam charts and has created a real excitement and anticipation around the band, the song also reacted in several countries following transmis- sion of the programme. “Having performed a private

showcase for music supervi- sors back in June, this was the perfect start to the release of the band's debut EP and the song has since gone on to be used in other key shows.”

The tale behind a standout sync deal in the industry this week… SYNC STORY

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