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Towards Virtualization How One Company Made All the Right Connections by Choosing a Unifi ed Computing System

This case study is brought to you by PC Connection, Inc., parent of the PC Connection family of companies, a collection of best-in-class information technology (IT) solutions providers. Its subsidiaries include PC Connection Sales Corporation, GovConnection, and MoreDirect, which service small- and medium-sized businesses, government, and enterprise markets, respectively.

Recondo Technology develops software that brings effi ciencies and cost savings to healthcare payment processing. They are an industry leader in verifying patient identity, providing accurate and enriched patient eligibility information, mining data from national and regional payers, managing the authorization process, and preventing claims denials. They are located in Greenwood Village, CO and their business is growing rapidly. That’s why when Recondo wanted to make the move to a virtualized computing system they turned to PC Connection— a company with an equally proven track record of success.

A Time to Grow

Brian Jackson, Director of Technology Operations at Recondo Technology, was in search of a more effi cient server solution to keep pace with their rapid growth in the healthcare market. “We acquired another company this year, and are growing at an exceptional rate,” said Brian. “It had come to the point where we were poised for a technology refresh; we wanted to take the next step toward cloud computing and to utilize new server technologies,” he added.

Brian and the team from Recondo visited the Cisco Customer Briefi ng Center accompanied by staff from PC Connection. There they received a live technology demonstration and the expertise they needed to help uncover their unique needs. After the hands-on experience, Recondo selected a Cisco Unifi ed Computing System with the support of PC Connection. This technology project was not new territory for Brian, “In the past, we built several large enterprise technologies—whether it be virtualization or cloud infrastructure, so this wasn’t something new to us. Moving in the Cisco UCS direction was a new concept, but in regard to our overall enterprise infrastructure, we have built things like this in the past.”

The Right Choice Takes the Right Research

In the quest for a solution, Brian did his due-diligence. “We really wanted to take a look at the total package as far as cloud-based features were


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