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Theological Dialogues

Baptists in BWA Bilateral Dialogues

Christian World Communions (CWCs) affi rm the diversity of dialogues between church families and their members. Some occur on the national or regional level, such as the dialogue between Baptists, Methodists and Waldensians in Italy (1990) and between Bavarian Baptists and Lutherans (2009). Discussions at the international level require a diverse group of competent scholars and leaders. The fi nal text of such dialogues tends to refl ect this cultural diversity. BWA owes a debt of gratitude to all those who have represented the Baptist family in international bilateral dialogues with other Christian World Communions (CWCs).

Representatives who are still alive are an important source of information on the dialogues themselves. BWA has entered into dialogue with the following CWCs:

Baptist/Reformed 1973-1977, Baptist/Roman Catholic 1 1984-1988, Baptist/Lutheran 1986-1989, Baptist/Mennonite 1989-1992, Baptist/Anglican 2000-2005 and Baptist/Roman Catholic 2 2006-2010.

Baptist/Reformed, 1973-1977 Rudolph Thaut (Germany) Jannes Reiling (Netherlands) Penrose St. Amant (Switzerland) Gunter Wagner (Switzerland) C. Ronald Goulding (UK, residing in USA)

Baptist /Roman Catholic 1, 1984-1988 David Shannon (USA) Pablo Deiros (Argentina) Richard Harmon (USA) E. Glenn Hinson (USA) Paolo Spanu (Italy) G. Noel Vose (Australia) Michael Zidkov (USSR) Glenn Igleheart (USA)

Baptist/Lutheran, 1986-1989 Gerald Borchert (USA) Nils Engelsen (Norway) B. Shanti Kumari (India) Thorwald Lorenzen (Switzerland) Wiard Popkes (Germany) Douglas Waruta (Kenya) Wayne Pipkin (USA) Jörg Swoboda (Germany) Knud Wumpelman (Denmark)

Baptist/Mennonite, 1989-1992 William Brackney (USA) Beverley Scott (USA) Richard Coffi n (Canada) Daniel McGhee (USA) David Scholer (USA) G. Noel Vose (Australia) J. Ralph McIntyre (USA/Canada)

Baptist participants in these dialogues were: Baptist/Anglican, 2000-2005

The dialogue was served by a Continuation Committee comprising:

Paul Fiddes (UK) Ken Manley (Australia) Timothy George (USA) Thomas Yarnell (USA) Tony Cupit (Australia)

Meetings were intentionally convened in different parts of the world with persons from the region named as offi cial BWA representatives:

Europe (September 2000) with six additional Europeans attending Asia & Oceania (January 2001) with six Asians present Africa (January 2002) with four Africans present

The Southern Cone (January 2003) with six Latin Americans present

Caribbean (January 2003) with fi ve present from the region

North America (September 2003) with six North Americans present

Baptist/Roman Catholic 2, 2006-2010 Paul Fiddes (UK) Anthony Peck (UK) Tadeus Zelinsksi (Poland) Fred Deegbe (Ghana) Timothy George (USA) Steven Harmon (USA) Lilian Lim/ Rachael Tan (Singapore/Taiwan) Nora Lozano (Mexico/USA) Tomas Mackey (Argentina) Neville Callam (Jamaica) Fausto Vasconcelos (Brazil) Consultants included Curtis Freeman (2007-2010) and also Denton Lotz, Massimo Aprile, Nancy Bedford and Elizabeth Newman.



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