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08.06.12 MusicWeek 17

Give us a bit of background on 3B Records… It was originally 3 Beat Records and that went into liquidation four years ago. It had been going for 20 years and me and the other two guys that worked there didn’t want to let it go because we loved it. So we bought it and took over. The original owners have gone and taken the record label that they’re still doing really well with. We specialise in electronic music but we do cross-genres. We’ve been a core of the city scene for a long time. Not just in terms of dance music but music in general including events, gigs and everything else going on. We’re a one-stop-shop for everything: events, vinyl, CDs, even clothing. We put in-stores on for album launches and we’ve had a few big artists over the years like Carl Craig and Soulwax.

How is business today compared to other points in your history? It’s a different game now. Between September and

December is always really good because it’s when the students come back and there’s an influx of events as well. The summer months are good as well because of the festivals and the fact that people tend to spend money on music when the sun comes out; we had a really good month last month. The beginning of

the year is really hard. It’s just weird because it’s so up and down until May. It’s tight but it’s going well. We’ve just launched a new ticket side to the site as well so we sell for all the shows. We send out event listings and gig guides to people and we do the same with music releases.

Did you participate in Record Store Day this year? Yeah, it was really good for us.


“You have to keep moving with the times, find

ways of improving things and secure new revenue. We keep doing that. There

are three of us who own the shop and our heads are in the game”


There was a massive spike in the number of people who visited the store. Even now we’ve got stock that we’ve carried over that’s still selling. We’re getting queues of people off the back of it.

Should there be more events like Record

Store Day introduced in the UK to further help the important indie retail sector? It would be nice but Record Store Day helps anyway. We could always do with more because people are

downloading so much illegally now. It’s just so much more accessible for them compared to going out and buying new. Vinyl sales are fine. They’ve increased over the last couple of years. It’s never going to be what it was but it’s still good.

How confident do you feel about the future? We’re planning the year ahead and it’s looking alright as far as we can see. You have to keep moving with the times, find ways of improving things and secure new revenue. We makes sure that we keep doing that. There are three of us who

own the shop and our heads are in the game. We never rest on our laurels, we’re always looking forwards. Outside of the

shop I release music and DJ all over the world so I’m involved in a lot of other things as well. When you do that, you’re not just waiting for people to come through the door. Ticketing is doing really well on the site and we’ve got some in-stores on the way. We know what’s coming up, that’s the important thing. We can look at all the schedules and know what will carry us through the next 12 months. Things have been the same

for the last few years really. Although CD sales have decreased a little, vinyl sales have increased a little bit, so we’re on a steady path. Hopefully there will be no major twists or turns. Unless they’re up, of course.

This week’s High Street Hero Jemmy takes on his digital rivals ...




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