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We round up the best industry panels fromThe Great Escape 2012


Sir TomJones on that TV show, Adele and his newalbum. Andmeeting Elvis, obviously


18.05.12 £5.15

BODYTALK The AIF tackles

the shifting landscape of the UK festivalsmarket


‘Bullish’ Adam eyes Global domination G


lobalGroup’s growing status as amajor league label and publisher has

been given a glowing endorsement:A&R whiz Paul Adamhas left Universal after 13 years and joined the Capital FMowner. Global founder AshleyTabor

has tempted outgoing Vertigo MDAdamwith a newly-created dual role; director ofGlobal Talent andGlobal Publishing, commencing June 1. AdamtoldMusicWeek that

the scope for growth with both companies was “incredible”, and that he felt “bullish and confident” about competing for themusic world’s hottest artist signatures atGlobal. The exec,who signed both

Busted andMcFly whenMDof Island between 2001-2006, joins GlobalTalent as its operation escalates with the runaway success of another boy band:The

Wanted.Adamclaimed that the “sky’s the limit” for how big the label can become in future. “We all know some of the

biggest labels over the years have started relatively small,”he said. “They just built and built. It’s uncomplicated: it only ever comes down to the next raft of acts that are signed - and that’s what

UK talent thrives in Q1’s A&R list

LanaDelRey andEmeli Sandé (right) have delivered the best opening quarter for newUK- signed talent in four years - helping their respective record companiesmove upMusicWeek’s A&Rleague tables. DelRey and Sandé’s debut

albumsBornToDie andOur VersionOfEvents finished as the period’s second and third biggest-selling artist albums. Thatmakes it the first time that twoUK-sourced debuts released inQ1 have been among the

quarter’s top three sellers since 2008whenA&M/Polydor’s Duffy andXL’sAdele pulled off the same feat. MusicWeek’s exclusiveA&R

market shares rank companies according to sales of the quarter’s 100 biggest-selling non- catalogue singles and albums by UK-signed orA&R’d acts. DelRey’s record company

Polydor finished runner-up on the albums table and fourth on singles;Sandé’s companyVirgin was the third topUKA&Rplayer

I’mhere to do.” AlongsideTheWanted,

GlobalTalent’s current roster also includes newer acts CoverDrive and Lawson.Meanwhile,Global Publishing counts writers such as EllieGoulding andThe Vaccines on its books. Adamsaid he was keen to

“broaden the repertoire”of both

Paul Adam: Ex-Mercury and Island exec has his sights set on signing hit acts for Global

companies alongsideTabor. “Obviously I want to consolidate the great work Ashley’s done so far,”he said. “I’mnot going to go and sign a punk rock band, because I’mmindful of how this [pop- orientated] roster has been built - but I’d also like to slowly diversify a bitmoving forward. “I have a real breadth of A&R

experience; I’ve had hit records for more than 20 years inmany genres. That’s what I want to bring to Global: I’mas happy in the rehearsal roomauditioning a boy band as I amwatching at the back of a rock gig.” Tabor commented: “We’re really

excited about Paul joiningGlobal - he brings huge experience fromhis time at UniversalMusic and PolyGrambefore that.Given our focus on growing our talent and publishing businesses, I know we have someone in Paul who will help us achieve those ambitions.” In addition,RachelWood -

who joinedGlobalTalent little over year ago - has been appointed as head of artists at the label.


1988-1990: ITB, Booking Agent Signed: Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets

1990-1993: PolyGram Publishing, A&RManager Signed: Suede (right), The Sugarcubes (Bjork)

1993-2001: Polydor Records, A&RManager/GM, A&R Signed: Ian Brown, Gene, Cast, Shed 7, Sophie Ellis-Bextor,Ms. Dynamite, Hear’Say (Adamwas also a judge on TV’s Popstars during this period)

2001-2006: Island Records,MD Signed: Busted,McFly

2006-2010: Mercury Records, Senior Director A&R Signed: AmyMacDonald,Noisettes

2010-2012: Vertigo,MD Signed: The Gaslight Anthem, Pure Love, Karima Francis

UKMusic has commissioned consumer research in response to Government proposals that could legalise the copying ofmusic into server-based ‘cloud’ lockers. As reported byMusicWeek

UK Music presents format evidence Beggars Group director of

for both albums and singles. Island led bothmarkets

thanks to successes such as Jessie J,RizzleKicks and Florence +

TheMachine.  Full analysis: page 14

(30/03), PRS estimates such a move could cost songwriters and publishers £40m over five years. UKMusic commissioned

Oliver and Ohlbaum Associates (O&O) to research the value consumers place on copying music from CDs onto mobile devices and beyond (see page 16).

strategy SimonWheeler said: “It would be hugely disappointing ifGovernment’s IP reforms undermined [licensing] negotiations [with cloud services] and stifled growth for the entire UKmusic industry. “The O&O research

demonstrates important evidence. It is focused on the value of copying CDs to digital devices, but there are important

implications for the future.”  Full research: page 18

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