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Prolight + Sound 2012

driver and two 1.4” exit HF compression drivers, with 2.5” voicecoils mounted to a dedicated waveshaping device. Incorporated into the V-SUB is an

actively driven cardioid subwoofer powered by a single amplifier channel housing two long excursion neodymium drivers in an integrated cardioid setup. Dynacord presented the TS 400, a full-

range vertical array cabinet for mobile applications and fixed installations. TS-400 can be used either full-range or in active two-way systems for applications requiring subwoofers (also launched at PL+S), and is designed to provide even coverage over a very wide bandwidth by using spaced and filtered woofers as array elements. DPA unveiled the d:vote range of

microphones – an upgrade to the 4099 series – and the new d:facto vocal mic. New VP of sales and marketing, Susanne Seidel, was also at the show. Bridging the gap between live

performance and studio recording, d:facto is said to offer natural sound, high separation and extreme SPL handling. It is equally at home in sound reinforcement and recording applications. The d:vote range, meanwhile, builds on the success of the 4099 instrument clip mic series: d:vote has been enhanced with a new shockmount to provide better absorption, and an upgraded cable available in a heavy duty 2.2mm and a 1.55mm diameter version, which can be detached from the end of the gooseneck. FBT revealed the Archon series of

full-range and biamped speaker systems. The series includes three two-way full range/biamp models and three two-way full-range compact models; in addition, two low-profile subwoofers (2 x 8” and 2 x 15”) increase the low-frequency extension of the desired systems. Focusrite Novation introduced the ISA

Two, a dual-mono, transformer-based microphone preamplifier that features two of Focusrite’s classic premium ISA-range mic/line/instrument preamps, each capable of providing +80dB of clean gain. Meeting and greeting on the Focusrite booth was new managing director, ex-Digidesign mainman Dave Froker. His appointment will see owner and incumbent managing director Phil Dudderidge remain fully engaged with the company as executive chairman, “focusing on corporate and business development matters”. Spatial audio expert Iosono released

Anymix – a ‘first of its kind’ up- and downmix plug-in with integrated panning capabilities. Anymix not only creates realistic surround mixes by using the Iosono upmix engine, but gives the mixing engineer full control over a multitude of adjustable parameters such as Ambience, Stage Width and Dry/Wet signal, enabling a “peerless natural flair of the surround mix”, says the German company. L-Acoustics, meanwhile, launched

additions to its ARCS range: the ARCS WIDE (H x V: 30° x 90°) element, and the

April 2012 l 19


As well as launching the DX8 compact speaker and Uniline-D downfill box (and then plying press conference attendees with the trademark fine wines and paté), French loudspeaker developer APGwelcomed Wayne ‘Heights’ Gittens to Frankfurt. Heights, a well-known monitor engineer on the German touring scene (Naidoo, Lena, Bruno Meier) spoke enthusiastically of the APG SMX15 monitor, launched in 2010. “A simple box, it’s punchy, transparent and extremely light. It’s the best sounding monitor I’ve heard in 40 years.” Heights is pictured here with APG’s Xavier Pion (left) and his wedge of choice.

ARCS FOCUS (H x V: 15° x 90°) elements (see page 12 for more). LA Network Manager 2 upgrades L-Acoustics’ network and tuning software package. Midas launched the XL48 ‘digi-log’ mic

preamp. Recognising the legacy of the much-vaunted (analogue) XL42 dual channel strip, the XL48 features eight XL4 mic pres in a 1U box, swept high and low pass filters, eight Midas XL8 96kHz 24-bit A-D converters and a low-jitter 1º clock. In other Midas news, the company launched Generation-ll software for all Midas digital consoles, encapsulating the user feedback Midas has been gathering for the past five years. The upgrade brings the advanced navigation features pioneered on the Midas PRO2, and retrofits this into the entire range of digital consoles, along with a clutch of new FX plugs. PreSonus used this year’s event to announce updates to the StudioLive range of digital mixers. New for 2012 is QMix, which enables up to 10 musicians to simultaneously control their monitor mixes using an iPhone or iPod touch and the free QMix app. According to PreSonus, QMix is the only solution that allows multiple users to control their own aux from separate iDevices. Sony launched the updated DWX-Series digital wireless microphone system. To broaden options available to operators, Sony has released the DWM-02, CU-C31, CU-F31, CU-F32 and industry major third-party microphone capsules. The

The limited edition PuigChild compressor brings the in- comparable vintage sound of the Fairchild 670 to your live rig. MaxxBCL delivers the unmatched power & punch of the renowned Renaissance Compressor and legendary L2 Ultramaximizer™ plus the earthshaking lows of MaxxBass®. Together, they’re quite an impressive pair.


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