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Maintaining supply chain integrity In pharmaceutical shipping it is crucial to maintain a steady temperature throughout the delivery process. It is a specialist task, and not an easy one U

nited Cargo offers a dedicated ser- vice for shipments of healthcare and pharmaceutical commodities called TempControl. It forms one of the seven specialist product lines of the

US carrier, six of which have already been fully integrated from what were the formerly inde- pendent United Cargo and Continental Cargo. (The seventh, PetSafe, is expected to be offered as a merged service in the near future.) TempControl was integrated as a single ser-

vice available across the combined carrier in August last year, observes Tony Randgaard,

manager cargo marketing at United Cargo. Policies, pricing, sales staff and all elements of the offering have been brought together in a single operation, he advised. What is more, despite there having been “explosive growth” in demand for the TempControl service over the past year, “the best is yet to come”. Part of his reason for saying this, Randgaard

remarked, is simply the scale of the combined United operation. It has “an unprecedented network”, he pointed out, offering the largest passenger aircraft fleet of any air carrier. Today’s TempControl service took the best of both worlds offered by the former United Cargo and Con- tinental Cargo and brought them together with an inte- grated approach and standard operating procedures. United Cargo has also

adopted positive policies for its TempControl product. The freight carrier is, for example, making engagement with its customers a top priority, alongside ensuring consistent, high quality offering to all life sciences customers. Plus, United Cargo will be

K+N introduces active wireless technology

Kuehne + Nagel has begun introducing new active wire- less sensors into its KN PharmaChain product to record and transmit the tem- perature of its pharmaceutical shipments along the whole of the supply chain. K+N noted that the use of

active wireless sensors is often prohibited on aircraft, but said that “together with a number of airline partners, (it) thoroughly tested low-emis- sion devices which can stay active during the flight”. In order to ensure that tem-

logistics facilities are to be equipped with the system. Customers can monitor the temperature of their shipment by using KN Login online. The forwarder claims to be

the first to provide this real- time device and says that it forms part of a “comprehensive package of new tailor-made air freight offerings to the phar- maceutical industry”. Tim Scharwath, executive

perature tracking takes place along the whole of the supply chain, airline partners as well as K+N warehouses and

Scharwath: “new, quite revolutionary standards”

vice president air logistics for K+N International, remarked: “We are setting new, quite rev- olutionary standards in the cold chain air freight market

and we will extend the offering ... to other industry groups.”

working hard to expand its network within which TempControl shipments can be made. Currently, just over 50 United stations can accept this specialist cool-chain shipping, with Singapore being the latest addition, but the focus is on adding to that number – with

China perhaps at the head of the prospective queue. On the ground as well as in the air, relation-

ships with cool-chain shipping partners such as CSafe and Envirotainer will continue to be strengthened, Randgaard added.

9 April 2012

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