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It’s not fun, but it’s critical that you prac-

tice spares every time you practice. I don’t usually practice multi-pin spares. Ev-

eryone’s spare system is based on being able to convert these key pins. If you can pick up a 3 pin, you can likely convert the 3-6-10, and so on.

Physical Game Every bowler has a pretty good sense of what makes their game work. For me, it’s my fi rst step. If I don’t have that dialed in, the end result is never going to be consistent. I always prac- tice my push direction. I’m sure most bowlers can single out something at the start of their approach that triggers a good shot, whether it’s the direction of the pushaway, the timing of their pushaway, the shape of their pusha- way or even the length of their fi rst step. You should spend 10 minutes or so work-

ing on that physical part of your game. One of the biggest challenges is having a second

set of eyes while you practice the physical part of your game. Sometimes you have to be a little cre- ative. If I’m working on the size of my fi rst step, I’ll put a towel on the lane off to the side, but still in my peripheral vision. I can tell by looking out of the corner of my eye if I’ve overshot the towel. Likewise, if you want to work on your cross-

over step (the second step on a fi ve-step ap- proach), get a straw from the snack bar and tape it on the approach where you want your crossover step to land. If you land on the straw with your second step, you’ve been successful. If you have a tendency to push left with your

push direction, take 10 consecutive shots focus- ing on pushing out over your right kneecap. Another good practice routine is posting your shot. Throw 20 shots, holding your fi n-


Day 1 SPARES: Best of 10 (Sevens, Tens) PHYSICAL GAME: Pushaway timing. (20 shots, tally those that move in sync with step) BALL MOTION: Speed Drill 10 shots at your normal speed; 10 shots 1 mph faster than typical speed; 10 shots at 1mph slower than typical speed.

Day 2 SPARES: Best of 10 (Twos, Tens) PHYSICAL GAME: Crossover step. (20 shots, tally those that are successful) BALL MOTION: Versatility Drill Pick three balls from arsenal. Get lined up with ball No.1. Double. While standing and looking in the same place, select ball No.2 and double. Repeat with ball No.3. (Goal is to strike from the same spot using versatil- ity skills, i.e. speed or release to get to the pocket.)

Day 3 SPARES: Best of 10 (Threes, Sevens) LANE PLAY: Arsenal Drill Pick three balls from your arsenal. Get lined up with all three balls. Strike with ball No.1, ball No.2 and ball No.3 in succession. (Goals are to gain an understanding of each ball’s position in your arsenal, as well as practice playing different zones on lane.) MENTAL GAME: Recommended Readings

Day 4 SPARES: Best of 10 (Sevens, Tens) PHYSICAL GAME: Post shot - stationary until ball hits pins. (20 shots, tally those that are successful) EQUIPMENT: Refresh ball’s surface, replace tape.

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