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Erosion Control Concrete on a roll!

Originally designed for the military, Concrete Canvas is supplied as a roll of material that, when unrolled and sprayed with water, turns into up to 13mm thick concrete overnight without the need for plant or mixing. The Concrete canvas is waterproof, fire proof, hardens to 80% strength in 24 hours and sets when fully immersed in water, making it ideal for use in the water management industry. The concrete canvas will set underwater so can be deployed in an emergency and for the same reason can be laid in any weather.

It is can be used where vehicle accesss is retsricted.

The sheet comes in 1.1m wide sections and in various thicknesses. It can be weighted into position or secured with pegs before being fully hydrated and left to set which takes approximately 24 hours. Once set it has a similar wear

resistance to basalt.

When compared to pouring conventional concrete, any construction using the concrete canvas can be up to 50 times faster. On average 100 linear metres can be laid in 3 hours.

Once laid the concrete canvas takes on a natural appearance, it can easily be shaped to follow an organic route and the woven surface quickly attracts moss and blends in with its surroundings.

It comes in large bulk loads or man handleable rolls that can be lifted into position without the use of mechanical aids. Very useful if you are working beside high speed train lines as work can continue without closing the line down.


Concrete Canvas has many applications, among them:




‘Sets underwater’ ‘50x faster’

‘laid in any weather’ ‘long lasting’ ‘Cost effective’

Watercourses & Culverts

The concrete canvas is ideal for creating new watercourses or reinforcing existing courses. Eroded river banks can be repaired quickly and efficiently regardless of the bank angle.100 linear metres of the clooth can be laid in just 3 hours making it extremely rapid in comparrison to other methods. it is also cost effective being comparable in price to that of a quality carpet.

It is long lasting and being flexible can be shaped to follow any channel route.

Culverts can be dug out to any shape and Concrete Canvas can be laid in overlapping lengths to form a quick and long lasting solution.

Erosion Control

The concrete canvas can be applied to watercourse banks to protect against erosion or to slopes to protect against wind or water erosion. Protection can be a permanent slope covering or a temporary measure until the excavation has been backfilled. Uncovered slopes undergo surface ravelling and gulleying, leading to instabilities and safety concerns. Soil erosion is normally prevented by applying a thin concrete skin.

However, this is difficult to apply uniformly and often breaks apart. Plastic sheeting covers are disturbed by strong winds, water flows or site damage and meshes do not provide the same level of direct weather protection.

Concrete canvas (CC) provides a quick means to directly apply a thin, uniform, protective concrete covering to the slope surface and can be applied in all weather conditions. CC is fixed by short nails and provides a strong, waterproof, surface stabilising covering enhanced by internal reinforcing fibres.

CC can be used in conjunction with full length soil nails to increase the stability of slope surfaces by providing similar slope protection measures. CC can also be used to cover landslide scars or cut slopes.

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