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If Africa is to fulfi ll its potential, the church of Jesus Christ must be in the forefront. We must hear the Spirit and respond to the cry of the captives.

“rich opportunity with rich resource.” The overall aim, he said, is uniting African Baptists “to fulfi ll the Great Commission.”

The NBC is providing housing and an offi ce for the AABF general secretary at full cost for the next four years. Ayanrinola will be pre- sented to the Executive Committee of the BWA for confi rmation as BWA regional secretary for Africa.

pastor of Michael Okwakol, senior Agape Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda, founder and president of

Above: Michael Okwakol of Uganda, new AABF president

African Church Empowerment Ministries, and immediate past chairman of the Eastern sub region of the AABF, was elected AABF president. He succeeds Paul Msiza, a vice president of the BWA, chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the 2015 Baptist World Congress to be held in Durban, South Africa, and former general secretary of the Baptist Convention of South Africa. Okwakol shared three imperatives that the AABF should follow. Like Ayanrinola, he made a plea for unity. “God is concerned that we be one,” he told the gathering of African Baptist leaders and delegates. He said also that the AABF, its leaders and members should be engaged in service. “We are servants,” he said. The goal should be to “work for all people. There are no chiefs out there.” The new AABF president made a call for African Baptists to be an example to others in their communities and countries. “When we do, they will do what we say,” he declared. Two vice presidents were elected, Enoch B. Dusingizimana, president and general secretary of the Community of Christian Churches in Africa, based in Rwanda, and Angelo Scheepers, (Continued on next page)

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