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group read during guided reading sessions. I had reading progress as a headteacher performance management target and all of my teachers had it as a performance management target too, this all helped to keep reading high profile in everyone’s minds.

n Our literacy team leader organised reading assemblies throughout the year when staff would talk about their reading habits – their favourite book, current book they were reading, as well as their favourite children’s books. This yearwe have plans to develop this as we have appointed some Bookworms (pupil librarians) who are going to lead assemblies regularly with “book of the month” recommendations and “author in focus” themes to their assemblies.

n We have actively encouraged teachers to read stories to their class at various points throughout the week, but at least once every day – this is something we had lost somewhere along the way and teachers and pupils have been really glad to resurrect.

Next steps Because we were pleased with the progress that children made last year we were keen to try to maintain this throughout the summer so we designed a summer holiday reading challenge – itwas amarathon course challenging kids to read to an adult 26 times during the sixweek summer holiday.Once againwe offered raffle prizes as incentives. My new literacy team leader is very keen to organise a total revamp

of our school library. In factwith the help of a colleague she has already painted it and reorganised all the books. She is keen that groups of children should be able to visit the library as a guided reading activity, so she is busily planning research activities for different ability levels of children to do. She had also booked every class half-termly visits to Andover Library which is only a 15minute walk away fromschool. Finally, we need to continue and consolidate all that we put in place

n To maintain the focus, reading was always on the governors’ curriculum committee meeting agenda and progress subsequently reported at full governing body meetings. In addition, three governors were able to make a weekly commitment to hear a


last year so that teachers, children and parents continue to value reading and give it the high priority it deserves. Fromwhat I have read about the revised Ofsted Inspection Framework, it sounds like reading is going to be amajor focus, so perhapswe are developing it at the right time.

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