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Bowling Star Kelly Kulick Exposed In ‘Body Issue.’

SPN the Magazine’s an- nual Body Issue touts itself as an “exploration and celebration of the athletic

form.” The issue features a section called “Bodies We Want,” in which male and female athletes from a va- riety of sports pose nude in a stance reflective of their particular sport. This year ESPN the Magazine wanted the body of a bowler. Kelly Kulick’s body, to be precise.

“They contacted me back in Feb- ruary,” said Kulick, the only woman ever to win a PBA title. “I’d seen

the first two years they’d done the Body Issue, and it wasn’t all size 2’s and models. It was an honor to be asked.” Kulick will be one of 20 athletes

featured in the Oct. 7 edition of the magazine, including soccer goalie Hope Solo, football star Stephen Jackson, basketball’s Blake Griffin, snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Before agreeing

to be photographed, however, Kulick put in calls to the PBA and her primary sponsor, Ebonite In- ternational, for their blessing. “Both were ex-

cited for the op- portunity I had, so I called back and agreed to the shoot,” said Kulick. Originally, the magazine asked

Kulick to pose in March, but in part because of her bowling sched- ule, she asked if they could resched- ule for June. “I also felt like I needed an ex-

tra window to get in better shape,” Kulick confided. “I already have a pretty good nutrition and workout routines, but I wanted to get a little more definition.” Kulick said she was surprisingly

comfortable during the shoot, which took place at a private studio in Manhattan.

6 USBOWLER OCTOBER 2011 “There were only four people in

the studio,” she said. “I wore a bikini and sports bra to get the poses set, then disrobed for the photos. It’s a matter of trust with the photog- rapher. After a while I didn’t even bother putting my robe back on.” Realizing how vulnerable the

athletes make themselves for the project, ESPN the Magazine edi- tors allow the athletes to look at the photos and reject ones they’re not comfort- able with. “It’s black-and-

white photography, and it’s all about light- ing and shadows,” Kulick said. “The pho- tos were all great. They had me in the slide position and also with the ball at my chin,

which showed the definition in my arm. “The photos all accentuated the

strong points of my bowling form.” Kulick added she was excited to

see the end result. “Believe me, I wish I had six-pack

abs, but I don’t,” she joked. “My form and athleticism reflect who I am as a person, and I’m comfortable with that. “But I don’t expect any phone

calls from Hugh Hefner,” Kulick added. “I guess you could say I’m just doing what I can to bring more ‘exposure’ to the sport!”

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