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Spring BAHnanza
April 26, 2011

Harvard Square’s FiRE +iCE was the location for the April Business After Hours, Spring BAHnanza.

FiRE + iCE owner John Schall welcomed attendees and talked about the restaurant’s new function spaces and menu.

Theresa Thome from DimesWorth, Inc. got to know Andrea Kantaros from Danversbank.


Anthony Cerqueira from E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. networked with Steve Gould from Prism Energy Services.

Rod Laurenz from Edward Jones Investments posed with Jim McSweeney from The CIP Group and KC Commoss from MassPay.

Newer CCC member Ellen Siegel from Practical Privacy Consulting was welcomed by seasoned members Brian Jurgens from W.T. Kenney Co., Inc., Dennis Kelley from Westwood Graphics Inc and Steve Dreskin from Square Peg Marketing Communications & Design.

Carie Jeleniewski from Liberty Mutual helped herself to a taste of victory after winning a door prize.

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