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“Always fi nish for the day with something that works”

’62 Beetle

I started with a ‘barcoat’ to stop any reaction with the old paint, three coats of fi ller primer and six topcoats. It’s not the best paintjob in the world but at least I had a go myself and it only cost £500. I have paint left over, too!

Next it was time to reunite the bodyshell and chassis. A new seal was screwed to the chassis pans using stainless steel screws. The body to chassis bolts lined up perfectly, and now the motivation to fi nish reached a new level.

Home run Next to be fi tted was the engine. I reinstalled the ancillaries once the engine and gearbox were back together. All parts fi tted well apart from the new quarter-light seals, so I refi tted the originals. I kept the original wiring loom and soldered/ insulated new cables to the old, using the correct colour cables to keep the car looking original. The engine was wired up, the 6-volt battery charged and the engine fi red up!

The two areas subcontracted out were the restitching of the original seat covers and fi tting the seals and glass – the two small side windows look easy, but front and rear windows are something else! Thank goodness I didn’t tackle this diffi cult task myself.

The moment of truth arrived in June 2010. An MOT showed up a few minor faults, which cost £20 to correct, and I ended up with a ticket for the road. In took four years and two days from the date I bought the car. Getting my tax disc was something else and I was grinning from ear to ear when handing my documents over at the Post Offi ce counter! VW

The end result is a totally stock Vintage gem, a RHD Pearl white ’62 we’d all love to own

Paul has done a super job on this resto. He hadn’t restored a VW before, but now he’s hooked!

Built your VW at home?

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