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20 QUESTIONS WITH... Jordan Burroughs Jordan Burroughs is one of the top young freestyle wrestlers

in the United States. A two-time NCAA champion for Nebraska and 2011 Hodge

Trophy winner, Burroughs won the U.S. Open freestyle title at 74 kg/163 lbs. on April 9 in Cleveland. With the win at the U.S. Open, Burroughs advances to the best-of-3 finals for June’s U.S. World Team Trials in Oklahoma City.

Burroughs, a native of Sicklerville, N.J., was a three-time All- American for the Huskers. He placed third at the 2008 NCAA tournament at 149 before winning an NCAA title the next year at 157. He received a medical redshirt after suffering a knee injury during the 2009-10 season. He won NCAAs at 165 in 2011. He also was a member of the 2008 U.S. Junior World Team in freestyle.

Burroughs continues to train in Lincoln. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer 20 Questions

for USA Wrestler: 1. Favorite movie? Any horror movie 2. Favorite TV show? Jersey Shore 3. What kind of music do you listen to in your iPod before

you compete? Everything, mostly rap 4. Favorite food when not watching your weight? Hot wings and milkshakes 5. Favorite sport other than wrestling? Football 6. Favorite athlete to watch in another sport? Roger Federer 7. Favorite wrestler and why? Greg Jones. Dominant, fast, great on his feet. 8. Best piece of advice you've received? Take care of what you have control over, the rest will handle

itself. 9. What kind of advice would you give a younger wrestler

who is just taking up the sport? Be prepared to work hard every day, and if you do, great

things will happen. 10. Best moment as a wrestler so far? Beating Bryan Snyder in the wrestling room every day. 11. Name three people you would love to invite to dinner? Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett 12. What is one thing you are afraid of? Not being successful in the future. 13. How did you become involved in wrestling? I brought home a flyer from elementary school one day and

tried it out and I stuck with it. 14. What do you like best about training in Nebraska? I have established a family here. I am close with my team-

mates and coaches, and we have the best fans in the nation. 15. What is one thing about you most people don’t know? I am really funny and outgoing even though my interviews are

kind of boring. 16. Any idea of what you will do after your competitive

career is over? Coach or have my own wrestling club.

Jordan Burroughs won his second NCAA title for Nebraska this past March in Philadelphia. Burroughs followed by win- ning the U.S. Open title in April. Larry Slater photo.

17. What do you do to pass the time during a long road trip?

Listen to music, and play cards with my teammates. 18. Coolest place you've traveled to and why? California. Beautiful weather and beautiful women. 19. What would it mean to make the 2012 Olympic Team? A huge accomplishment for me, but even better to win gold. 20. Funniest guy on the team and why? Myself. I make everyone laugh on a daily basis and I am quick with my jokes.

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