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wide range of audio accessories, chargers and a car kit with automatic connection to an external antenna. With a high-capacity battery, which the company says can

deliver up to 3020 mAh, the radio is ready for long-duration operation even with the most intensive use. T e company’s other handsets, as you would expect, are backed by similar supporting casts of OEM accessories.

armour applications. Its acoustic tube is suited for operations in noisy environments. A range of throat and boom-microphoned earpieces

is available, some vox-operated, some not, for use with all key OEM handsets. Earpieces with fi nger-held PTT aimed at the policeman on the beat include the company’s 3100/3200/3300/3500 series products. Further iPod/MP3-style earpieces – MP3E/MP3A/

HPM64 – add to this portfolio and are described as ideal for covert operations. Speaker microphones, vibration pick-up microphones,

radio batteries, battery analysers, tri-chemistry chargers, and a full range of antennas and mounts complete this non- OEM portfolio, from a company operating in this fi eld for over 20 years.

Left: besides standard communication systems for radios, CeoTronics focuses on in-the-ear- communication systems such as this CT-ClipCom model. It offers advanced speech processing technology together with certifi ed hearing protection

Specialist manufacturers T ere are, of course, some players which specialize in r&d and manufacturing of specifi c accessories – not always off ering a full range, but using their specialist skills and understanding to produce top-class items. Germany’s CeoTronics specializes in headsets and

associated equipment, selling products in more than 45 countries. But, as the company says, its solutions are “more than just headsets”. Its accessory cables are designed to withstand a load test

with up to 50 000 bending actions at the mandrel. Special safety connectors provide increased accident protection by unfastening automatically on a tensile load of about 45 Nm. CeoTronics optimizes and checks the bone-conduction

microphone calibration with a mini-shaker and uses the head and torso simulator from Bruel & Kjaer to measure the sound insulation values of heavy-duty communication headsets and earpieces. T e same instrument is used to measure and check the company’s ambient sound reception (ASR) electronics with frequency response and level measurements on speakers and microphones. Accessories from CeoTronics accessories are designed for

use with a wide range of handsets. For example, its standard neckband headset can be used with Motorola MTP700 and MTH800/MTP850 handsets, the Cassidian THR880i, and Sepura SRP/SRH2000er/3000er Series.

Tailoring From audio accessory connectors and spares for a full range of handsets – Motorola, Cassidian (EADS/Nokia), Sepura – to listen-only and mic/PTT earpieces, Axess International off ers a comprehensive portfolio of accessories with a bespoke tailoring service for even the smallest end-user order. Its acoustic-tube earpieces with PTT support Cassidian

THR850/880/880i Light systems, as well as Motorola MTH650/800/850, and Sepura SRH3500/3800 and SRP2000/3000 handsets. Its 186 series acoustic tube earpiece, for example (picture, page 33), is designed to fi t left or right ears and its coil cord suits under vest or body

Issue 3 May 2011 TE TRA TODAY

First responders From its beginnings in providing components for motorcycle radio installations, Sonic Communications has now become a leading provider of audio accessories for police, and other fi rst responder agencies, for both general and covert applications. It manufactures products to support handsets from the main TETRA manufacturers, including discreet, receive-only earpieces, personal hands-free (PHF) systems and microphone PTT solutions – ruggedized and allowing terminals to be worn at waist level – for MTH650/800 and MTP850 handsets. For tactical/covert applications, Sonic is a key port

of call for any such end user. But, for obvious security reasons, managing director, Neil Barker, says that several of the company’s solutions simply cannot be talked about in an open forum.

Noise reduction a speciality In Finland, Stop Noise has been developing and manufacturing accessories for TETRA terminals since 1995 for fi rst responder, industrial and security applications, police and fi re fi ghters. Handsets, light headsets, helmet-mounted solutions and ear defender systems as well as charging and carrying solutions form a staple part of this producer’s compact portfolio of products. With its products meeting a range of standards and

approvals, the company responds to customer feedback to tailor its solutions for specifi c needs. “Our new Multi Handset 3 in 1 – audio, data and image – is a great example of our customer-oriented product development”, commented managing director Markku Nieminen. “T e features of the

From Sonic Communications, a tactical headset for wearing under a helmet; a microphone inductor with in-line PTT and wireless PTT; and (above) a test box for audio accessories. This provides full functional testing of all components of a covert system,

the user confi dence prior to deployment


to give

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