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products Nexxis ELN 5.05

The latest version of Labtronics’ Nexxis Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) has support for Microsoft Offi ce, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Nexxis ELN uses ReDI technology to confi gure ELN worksheets quickly and with version 5.05, ReDI now provides full support for the Offi ce suite of products. Customers with existing Excel

spreadsheets can deploy ELN faster by using the fi les they already have. They can also develop new Excel spreadsheets and embed them into ELN worksheets touse the functionality found in Excel, such as macros, graphics and complex calculations. Data can be transparently exchanged between Excel and the ELN worksheet.

Molegro KNIME extensions

New versions of Molegro Virtual Docker (MVD), Molegro Molecular Viewer (MMV), and Molegro Data Modeller (MDM) have been released, all with support for the open-source KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) platform. The support for KNIME workfl ows makes it possible to interface and automate workfl ows, and setup tasks such as protein-ligand docking using Molegro Virtual Docker;

molecule visualisation using Molegro Molecular Viewer; and applying regression or classifi cation models created by Molegro Data Modeller. In addition, the integration with KNIME enables Molegro’s products to integrate with existing third-party software, such as accessing company databases, preparing ligands, or calculating molecular descriptors.

SampleManager 10.0

Representing what Thermo Fisher Scientifi c describes as a major upgrade to its SampleManager LIMS platform, version 10.0’s dashboard functionality is designed to address the needs of laboratory personnel, IT and system administrators, and management. User functionality includes instrument calibration, operator training records, and stock and

inventory dashboards that deliver improved effi ciencies, compliance and resource management. Enhanced compliance features tie instrument and operator information to calibration samples and results so that instrument confi guration and state, operator name and training level are all automatically supplied. www.thermoscientifi samplemanager10



Interested in informatics?

This invaluable resource will guide you through the world of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs). Our comprehensive listings will help you compare and choose the best supplier of LIMS or ELNs – a resource that you can consult anytime throughout the year.

But our Laboratory Informatics Guide 2011 offers much more than just a set of listings. Our expert writers have contributed case-studies illustrating how laboratory informatics can make your job faster and cut down on your administrative overhead. They have picked out and analysed important developments in the informatics marketplace.


Now available online at: http://www.scientifi

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