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Coffee lover seeks satisfying relationship with something complex, yet balanced. Our dark roasts could be just what you’re looking for. Deep, aromatic oils and layers of hidden fl avors characterize our dark-roasted blends and single- origin coffees. These roasts make excellent espresso or an equally exquisite cup of drip coffee. They’re perfect as a fi nish to a good meal, or for long walks on the beach.

Dark Magic® Espresso Blend

Spellbinding complexity. Crafted for sweet and intense espresso. Excellent as a drip coffee too!

T36671 | 12-oz. Bag $8.49 T4061 T4067

| 24 K-Cups – Extra Bold $15.45/*$12.95 | Decaf, 24 K-Cups – Extra Bold $15.45/*$12.95

Double Black Diamond™ Extra Bold Dangerously dark. Not for the faint of heart.

T4066 | 24 K-Cups $15.45/*$12.95 French Roast

This is one of our most intense roasts and the most pronounced in terms of dark, deep roasted fl avor and smokiness. It’s wonderful not just for after dinner, but to add character to your own home blends as well.

T38694 | 12-oz. Bag, Ground only $8.49 T6694 T7694

Lake & Lodge®

This smooth, West Coast style, dark roast blend of premium beans has a smoky sweetness that is enhanced by an extraordinarily rich aroma.

T6523 D. | 24 K-Cups $15.45/*$12.95

| 24 K-Cups $15.45/*$12.95 85 1/09 | Decaf, 24 K-Cups $15.45/*$12.95

C. Signature Sampler

Presenting three different roast styles, to give you a sense of how roasting methods affect fl avor. Sampler includes Breakfast Blend, a light roast; Vermont Country Blend®

, a mix of light and dark roasts; and Dark Magic

Espresso, which is a very rich, dark roast. Available in whole bean or auto-drip. Breakfast Blend, Vermont Country Blend, and Dark Magic Espresso 12-oz.

T15704 | Whole Bean $24.95 T15705 | Ground $24.95

D. Bodum Logo Mug

The Bodum Logo Mug truly achieves a new level of style for coffee drinkers everywhere. The walls of the mug are heat resistant and feature a very stylish Green Mountain Coffee logo etched in between the double walls. Double wall Borosilicate glass keeps coffee hot for hours.

Holds 12-oz.; Microwave and dishwasher safe. Please use care when placing ice into the glass to avoid fracturing the inner layer.

T41148 | $12.95 E. Mitzi’s Maple Granola

Vermonters know a little bit about a lot of things, but we’re experts when it comes to maple. This delightfully crunchy, naturally sweet granola is made with whole grain oats, almonds, and a generous helping of organic Vermont maple syrup. Enjoy it hot or cold as a morning meal, on afternoon hikes, or straight out of the bag.

12-oz. Contains whole grains and almonds. T51023 | $11.95

Call us at 888-879-4627 17 E. C.

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