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All alcohol, additional quantities of wine/champagne, or excessive quantities of non- alcoholic beverages will be confi scated and discarded without compensation. Guests may purchase a variety of beverages on board the ship. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold or served to anyone under the age of 21. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages to anyone. Alcoholic beverages purchased in the ship’s gift shops or in ports of call will be retained by Carnival until the end of the voyage. The foregoing is a summary of the liquor and beverage policy and is qualifi ed in its entirety by the complete policy, which is posted on Carnival’s web site at

Service Gratuities

For your convenience, we automatically charge the gratuities for dining and stateroom staff to your onboard Sail & Sign®

account. The total amount is $11.50 per guest,

per day (our recommended guideline) as follows: $3.70 per day Stateroom services; $5.80 per day Dining Room services; $2.00 per day Alternative services: distributed to kitchen, entertainment, guest services and other hotel service staff members. For Cruises-To-Nowhere, gratuities of $11.50 per guest, per day must be prepaid. Our Staff is totally committed to exceeding your expectations in every way possible. If you are not satisfi ed with the service you receive, we encourage you to contact Guest Services while on board. This will allow us to address your concerns in a timely and appropriate fashion. At your discretion, you may adjust the gratuities at any time. For beverage purchases, fi fteen percent of the bill is automatically added to the Sail & Sign charge. Room Service staff may be tipped as service is rendered.

Guests with Special Requirements

Carnival seeks, to the extent feasible, to accommodate guests with special requirements so they are able to enjoy our ships and other facilities. Guests who have any medical, physical or other special requirements must contact our Guest Access Services at 1-800-438-6744, ext. 70025, or email us at to discuss the details of their specifi c special needs.

Passport Information

Carnival recommends that all guests travel with a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond completion of travel. For more information or to obtain a passport application, visit Zierer Visa Services ( can also provide application assistance.

Minor Guests

Standard booking rates apply for minors. Guests under the age of 21 years must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian 25 years or older in the same stateroom. Infants must be at least six months old (12 months for Transatlantic and Hawaii) to be eligible to travel. Please note that adult guests are responsible at all times for the safety and behavior of their minor guests. When traveling with a minor and both parents/legal guardians are not cruising, we recommend bringing an original signed and notarized letter from the absent parent/legal guardian authorizing the minor to travel with you. This will expedite processing by the Department of Homeland Security. Guests under the age of 21 staying at any hotel in conjunction with Carnival’s Fly Aweigh program or vacation packages may be required to be accompanied by a guest 21 years or older in the same room as per each hotel’s policy. Permission for minor guests to fl y unaccompanied is determined by the airlines as per each airline’s rules. Guests should check with their scheduled airline for eligibility. Carnival assumes no responsibility for unaccompanied guests under 21 years of age traveling by air. Carnival’s Youth Programs feature supervised activities for kids and teens ages 2–17. Please note guests must be 18 or older to visit the onboard casino. Spa guests must be over 16 and accompanied by an adult if they are between 16 and 18.

Medical Services

Should you require medical attention while on board, our infi rmary staff is available to assist you 24 hours a day. Our shipboard infi rmaries meet or exceed the Medical Facilities Guidelines established by the International Council of Cruise Lines and the American College of Emergency Physicians. The medical staff are from the fi elds of Emergency Medicine and/or Family Practice and are certifi ed in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Our physicians are independent contractors and, as such, are entitled to render services at a customary charge. The charge for their services and any other medical expenses will be applied to your Sail & Sign account. Carnival strongly encourages the purchase of Carnival’s Vacation Protection Plan, which also covers protection for medical expenses incurred during your vacation. For a more complete description of the plan’s benefi ts, terms, conditions and exclusions, please view Carnival’s Vacation Protection Plan at Pregnant guests whose estimated gestational age on the day of disembarkation is 25 or more weeks will not be allowed to sail. Women pregnant less than 25 weeks on the day of disembarkation must submit, prior to departure, Carnival’s Pregnancy Certifi cation Form, which must be completed and signed by the guest’s attending physician. On the Pregnancy Certifi cation Form, the attending physician will be required to certify that her gestational status is in accordance with this policy, and that the expectant mother and baby are in good health and fi t to sail. Because the safety of the pregnant mother and unborn

child is our number one concern, Carnival will not accept any agreement or recommendation from the guest and/or her physician that the policy be waived. The Pregnancy Certifi cation Form can be accessed at Carnival’s web site under the Frequently Asked Questions.

Baggage Liability

We highly recommend that all guests purchase a vacation protection policy covering baggage, contents and accidents. Carnival’s Cruise Vacation Protection Plan is a comprehensive program that is attractively priced. For a more complete description of the plan benefi ts, terms, conditions and exclusions, please view Carnival’s Vacation Protection Plan on Carnival’s web site. If you choose not to purchase travel protection, Carnival’s liability for lost or damaged baggage, contents and personal possessions is limited to a maximum of $50 per bag with a maximum total limitation of $100 per stateroom regardless of the number of bags. Carnival cannot accept liability for loss or theft of money, jewelry or other valuables left in a stateroom or public areas on board. Safe deposit boxes are available in your stateroom, as well as at the Information Desk, at no charge. We highly recommend guests personally carry any valuables, medication or breakable items on and off the ship.

Advanced or Delayed Sailings

In the event of strikes, lockouts, riots and stoppage of labor from whatever cause, or for any other reason whatsoever, including inclement weather, the ship owner may at any time cancel, advance or postpone any scheduled sailing and may, but is not obliged to, substitute another vessel and shall not be liable for any loss to guests by reason of such cancellation or substitution. Reservations are subject to change in the event of a full-ship charter.


Carnival neither controls nor operates, nor is responsible for, the actions of independent contractors, such as airlines, railroad companies, tour operators or ground transporters. Carnival denies any responsibility or liability for late arrival of your fl ight or train or for any illness, injury, damage, loss of cruise time or other irregularities resulting therefrom. Carnival’s responsibility does not extend beyond the vessel.

You are responsible for arriving at the respective ports on time for embarkation and for joining the vessel at its next port of call if, for any reason, you miss a scheduled sailing. Carnival reserves the right to refuse or discontinue passage to anyone when, in Carnival’s judgment, it would be considered a risk to the guest’s own safety and well-being or the health, safety, well-being, comfort and enjoyment of any other guest or crew member.

Cruise passage is subject to the terms and conditions shown on Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Terms and Conditions of Passage Contract Ticket,” including the procedure for the resolution of disputes, which must take place in Miami-Dade County, Florida. (Copies of the ticket are available upon request or in the “Guest Services” section of Carnival’s web site.)

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. Carnival’s Vacation Guarantee


When it comes to fun, Carnival’s got you covered. We’re so confi dent you’ll enjoy your Carnival cruise vacation, we offer the only money-back guarantee in the cruise industry. Carnival’s Vacation Guarantee is not applicable to Cruises-To-Nowhere. Please visit for more details.

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