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Diplomas Delivering Chairperson: Gill Morris, Diploma Employer Champion The UK’s only magazine dedicated to the 14-19 Diploma

10.00 – 10.40 The Diploma: The evolution of a qualifi cation for today’s

The 7th National Conference on


Diplomas: Maintaining Delivery & Cost-Effective Partnerships

Lakeside Conference Centre Aston University, Birmingham

Monday 28th March 2011

learners Adele Wills, Principal, King George V College, Southport Kerry Lowe, Diploma Co-ordinator, King George V College, Southport This keynote presentation will focus on the way the Diploma has developed from the introduction of the fi rst tranche of courses in 2008 to a current group of learners. Adele led a consortium in Solihull to success in Gateway 1 and has been closely involved in Diploma delivery from September 2008. The presentation will focus on the challenges of delivery and include a case study of current Diploma delivery at King George V. It will explore why the Diploma remains a valuable, sustainable and attractive option for many of today’s applied learners.

10.40 – 11.10

Diplomas: Lessons from Ofsted Clive Moss, HMI, Ofsted Since the Diplomas were launched in 2008, Ofsted has carried out a number of visits to consortia to analyse the stengths and weaknesses of early Diploma delivery. Her Majesty’s Inspector Clive Moss will discuss their fi ndings, what works with Diploma delivery – especially when building delivery partnerships – and where and how improvements can be made.

11.40 – 12.05 Maintaining cost-effective partnerships

Ren Kapur, Director, Special Projects and Business Development, Silent Edge Ltd & Diploma Employer Champion

An employer who ardently supports the Diplomas, Ren will speak from experience about how effective business partnerships can be maintained cost-effectively. Ren will speak alongside a Diploma deliverer who will offer their advice from a practitioner’s point of view.

12.05 – 12.30

Partnerships in Action Speaker TBC


Continuing the theme of practical, case study-led presentations, this session will feature a Diploma consortium that is forging ahead with its offer. This address will look at the key solutions to successful delivery and partnership working in 2011.

The afternoon will feature six interactive and engaging workshops involving leading experts and practitioners. Workshops A to C will run in the fi rst hour, followed by workshops D to F in the second. Delegates are free to move between workshops, although you should state a preferred workshop for each session when booking.

13.30 – 14.30 WORKSHOPS A to C

WORKSHOP A: Partnerships in Action – Case Study 1 This workshop will feature experts from consortia who have been delivering from

September 2008 and who are maintaining their Diploma offer. They will discuss how they are achieving this cost-effectively and host informal discussions to help delegates fi nd the solutions to be able to continue to maintain their Diploma delivery and partnerships.

WORKSHOP B: Assessment and Examination Hosted by Paula Goddard, a Chief Examiner and Fellow of The Chartered Institute of

Educational Assessors, alongside a practising Diploma examiner and experts from awarding bodies, this workshop represents an informal discussion opportunity for delegates to ask questions and raise issues surrounding the assessment area of Diploma delivery.

WORKSHOP C: Information, Advice and Guidance IAG is still a key aspect of the Diploma and has become even more crucial in the current

climate. This session will consider what approaches to IAG are the most effective, offer advice to schools and look at solutions that have been proven to be effective.

15.00 – 16.00 WORKSHOPS D to F

WORKSHOP D: Partnerships in Action – Case Study 2 Following on from Workshop A, this session will feature another group of Diploma

consortia who will also discuss the work they are doing to maintain their Diploma offer and key solutions to maintaining partnerships and delivery in 2011. They will answer delegates’ questions and lead debate about the best approaches to delivery.

WORKSHOP E: Making Sense of Functional Skills Functional Skills are here to stay as part of the Diploma and wider qualifi cations.

This event will feature expert advice looking at how to deliver the Functional Skills qualifi cations. This advice will be relevant to the Diploma, but also to wider qualifi cations of which Functional Skills form a part.

WORKSHOP F: Ask the Awarding Bodies A mainstay of our Diploma conferences, this workshop will feature experts from

the main Diploma awarding bodies who will be able to answer any questions from delegates about their Diploma qualifi cations and delivery.

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