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Right Shot The


Team USA’s Stefanie

Nation is a true student of the game. She is constantly reading the lanes during competition, making

adjustments as necessary. Like most high-level competitors, she can throw straight or hook the ball as the situation demands.

FOR THE RIGHT SITUATION If that sounds fa-

ow many times have you seen this at league

night? You’re watching a team member or some other bowler — maybe even yourself — start out hot. He or she is hitting the pocket con- sistently, racking up mark after mark. Things go great that

first game. The second game starts out pretty good, too, but a few misses creep in here and there. Finally, on the third game, that bowler can’t hit the pocket to save his or her life. The game is all about flat shots, misses and splits.

10 USBOWLERFEBRUARY 2011 To truly become a

miliar, there’s a reason for it. There are liter- ally thousands of good bowlers out there who can put up some de- cent scores and main- tain decent averages by basically relying on one shot. Maybe they have a good hook and they can lay the ball down exactly where they want it every time. But they never move from that spot. They never ad- just to the changing oil conditions. They never take into account the varying lane surfaces. And they never really work on changing their shot or approach when it comes to spares.

better bowler — and certainly a more ver- satile one — you don’t necessarily need to become a student of the game, but you do need to learn a bit more about why using varia- tions on a single shot won’t be effective in the long run.

Lane Conditions The first things you need to know about are lane conditions, most importantly the oil on the lane. Maybe you’ve heard other bowlers talking about “dry” or “wet” lanes? That has to do with the oil and how that oil effects your ball

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