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Would you like more sales leads?

Fact is that business owners are more interested in survival than learning about new technology or carbon programmes and do not have the time, skill sets, capital or inclination to invest. Over 99% of companies employ under 50 people and if you ask those business owners to prioritise the following, which do you think would be last?

Improve cash flow & sales process? Reduce the operating expenses? Improve advertising responses? Improve website performance? A regular flow of sales leads? Reduce the carbon footprint?

Business owners are under pressure to implement a carbon reduction programme but it is their lowest priority, instead they focus on recession cutbacks despite seasoned experts saying otherwise. And even if they did want to go green, what would they do? Where would they go?

Our Introduction To Digital Marketing seminar is every business owners opportunity to explore and understand the benefits of implementing a digital communication, marketing and sales lead strategy that addresses all of the points above…and more!

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