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Computer Aided Design 2D DESIGN V2

TechSoft created 2D Design for users who require sophisticated drawing and design features, but don’t want to spend a lifetime learning to use them. Although designed with professional capability, its ease of use means that 2D Design is the CAD standard for the vast majority of UK secondary schools. Whether you need to produce traditional engineering drawings, colourful ‘free‐form’ designs for embroidery, or smart graphical presentation sheets, 2D Design V2 has been carefully developed to give you all the tools you need – and all in one place. It is a vector programme. Combines technical draughting, graphic design and CAD/CAM, into one package suitable for all ages.

Exhaustive geometrical constructions, including circles, arcs, tangents, normals, etc. Essential for all constructional work ‐ sheet/media guide to represent actual paper/material to be used ‐ design guide to represent the actual working area of the output device being used. ‐ Powerful tools such as fully tuneable bezier curve drawing, text flow along paths, etc ‐ complete control of CAM output for ease, reliable and high quality: feeds, speeds, depths of cut, number of passes etc, ‐ reconfigurable to the users requirements: by age, projects, etc ‐ customisable screen and user interface for all age

Now in use in nearly 4000 UK schools! SPEX CLASSIC

Design places in 2D Plan View and see them the 3D View. Use a budget and display spreadsheets, pie charts, bar graphs and pictogram.

Spex+ in ICT: With Spex+ children aremodelling real life situations as they design rooms on the screen. In the process pupils learn skills such as ‘move’, ‘drag and drop’, ‘rotate’ and so on, an exciting way to learn ICT Graphics Modelling

Contain home Environment: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge

Spex+ Computer Modelling: Spex+ turns a pupil into an instant interior designer, using graphics to design and furnish the rooms of a house. Children love Spex+, and it is popular in primary schools for ICT, Design Technology and Maths Spex+ in Mathematics: Managing money. Spex+ has a simple introductory spreadsheet. It also has a budget facility so pupils learn to take account of the prices of furniture, and work out what they can afford. 2D and 3D space. Pupils learn about the relationship between 2D plans and 3D pictures, and see how items of furniture relate spatially in 2D and 3D Graphs there are graphs and charts too, including 2D and 3D bar graphs, line graph and a pie chart display the items and costs.

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Designed for age: 614‐

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Designed for age: 916‐

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