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Machine Washable Tweed New for 2010


Our washable tweed is constructed from a premium Scottish cloth, which is lighter than our original, but retains all of its renowned strength, handle and vibrant colour.

All wool fibres have a series of microscopic barbs which can feel coarse and when agitated through the washing process lock together resulting in a stiff and rough handle. Fibres are damaged and garments lose their shape. It’s common

practice to create machine washable tweeds by subjecting the cloth to a consolidating chlorine gas.

However, this gassing process, known as Chlor Hercosett, increases the likelihood of a coarse stiff cloth that can only be made using dull yarns.

Not satisfied with this, we have developed a plasticising process with our Scottish Mill to coat the

fibres and the barbs making them smooth and flexible, rather than coarse and stiff.

This consolidates the cloth, the original handle, vibrant colour and shape are maintained, when machined washed at 30°C, providing the extra benefit of being easy care, with no sacrifice to the premium handle and appearance of the cloth.


The easiest to care for and lightest tweed in the range at only 233 grams per m2

a hydrophilic waterproof, windproof and breathable drop liner and a Teflon®

The Jacket features articulated sleeves, five external and four internal pockets. Clarino®

add performance and enhance the luxury feel of the suit.

Sizes: S - XXXL Colour: Kenway CS1210 £450


Sizes: S - XXXL Colour: Kenway CS1220 £225

washable synthetic suede trims

. Both the Jacket and Breeks have finish.


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