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1 9 6 3 Bill Benkovsky recently returned from a 63-day cruise to the South Seas, Australia and New Zealand on Holland America

cruise ship Amsterdam. He says he had a fantastic adventure.


As a research fellow studying fruit flies at California Institute of

Technology, Nancy Petersen helped start a new research field studying stress proteins. Her research has continued at the Uni- versity of Wyoming, where she is professor emerita of molecular biology. She studies how the proteins affect development and how they interact with proteins of the cell death pathway to allow surviv- al under stress conditions. The proteins are highly conserved in all organisms, including humans.

1 9 7 1 Jay Rubin and his wife, Lori Palmer, retired from teaching in June 2009 and moved to Idyllwild, where they have a second home.

They have joined the Idyllwild Master Chorale. Jay enjoys hiking the local mountains almost every day and says “life is good.”

1 9 7 7 Chuck Dermer co-wrote the book “High Energy Radiation from Black Holes: Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays,

and Neutrinos,” with Govind Menon, a professor of physics at Troy University in Alabama. Chuck says, “In 500 pages or so of pretty dense theoretical as- trophysics, we argue that black holes accelerate the highest energy particles and make the most luminous sources of high-energy radiation in nature.”


Victoria Cagle says, “I’m still living in San Diego with my husband

and two cats. My stepdaughter and granddaughter live a few miles away, so I’m learning about being a grandparent. Professionally, I’m lucky enough to still be doing physics, mostly electrostatics and plasma physics with applications to spacecraft.”

1 9 8 2 Craig Niederberger is currently working as Clarence C. Saelhof Professor and Chairman, Department of Urology, College of Medicine, and

professor, Department of Bioengineering, College of Engineering at the Uni- versity of Illinois at Chicago. He is married to Karen Lewak (SCR ’85) and has two daughters. His daughter, Claire, is applying for college and Lia will be entering high school.

1 9 8 3 Amanda Simpson began her new role in January as senior techni- cal advisor in the Department of Commerce, a professional honor that high-

lights her accomplished career in military technology. Recently appointed by President Obama, she reports to the Under Secretary for Industry and Secu- rity where she will advise on policy with regard to exports of U.S. technology. Read more at

1 9 8 8 Craig Byrnes was selected as a Super Lawyer by Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine in his first year of eligibility. The Super Lawyer designation

is awarded to only 5 percent of attorneys, and is given out through a peer- and-panel-review process. Prior to this, Craig was selected a Rising Star Super Lawyer in 2006, 2007 and 2008. He received the award in the field of employment litigation–plaintiff. He is the owner of the Law Offices of Craig T. Brynes, which represents employees who have been wronged in the workplace.

George Douglas Green celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary in Italy last November. He says that they missed the floods in Venice by a day—had a bad feeling so they left early. Doug is off to Australia next so he can check off his sixth continent. He only had two when he started Mudd (North and South America). He is still trying to finagle his company to pay for a trip to Antarctica!


Assistant U.S. Attorney John J. Lulejian received the Justice Department’s

second highest award for employee performance, the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service in January. Attorney General Eric Holder rec- ognized 247 department employees for their distinguished public service at the 57th Annual Attorney General Awards Ceremony in October 2009. Read more at

Lisa Tamura is a project engineer at HDR Engineering, Inc. where she does community planning work as it relates to water distribution systems or wastewater collection systems (hydraulic computer modeling). For fun, she teaches basic and advanced taiko (Japanese drum art form) to adult students of Portland Taiko, an Asian American drum performance ensemble of which she is a performing member.

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