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Welcome to a New TIS, combined with strategies and a
As International President I work plan to achieve our objectives
Study Tours &
welcome the new TIS as our source 2) a new structure for SI, with a
of information of what goes on in proposal that Officers also get a vote
Friendship Links
Soroptimism at SI level. at board meetings
I know that some members might 3) a strengthening of the links
prefer still to have the magazine in between Federations In my recent study tour to India,
hard copy, but we feel that it is time 4) two proposals for the Long-
with SIGBI President Jackie
to change and I hope that this digital term-Project, which will be sent to
Mosedale, 13 Dutch and 12 Danish
format will attract more new readers, all Clubs in April for voting on the
Soroptimists, I realised that, in
as it can easily be translated into the final theme
India, with just 14 Clubs in such
local language by Google. It will 5) a new corporate identity for
a huge country, it can be difficult
make it easier SI – including
to read for those modernising our
to understand the international
members who
webpages, logo
aspect of our organisation. All 14
don’t have the and strapline
Clubs have many social projects
official language
6) a more
and devote their time, money and
as their mother transparent energy to help those who need it in
tongue. way of their societies, right outside their
New thoughts communicating
own back door; they deserve more
and discussions the work going
promotion of their good work!
at SI Level on in UN centres.
How can we help them to
At SI level we We hope that
understand that they have
are in a period members at all
Soroptimist sisters all over the
of transition and levels will support
major changes. the changes,
world, with whom they can share
At our recent which all will be
their thoughts and projects
SI meeting in launched at the
and who even might be able to
Heathrow in Convention in
support them with money for their
February we Montreál 10-14 projects?
discussed how July 2011. There is no doubt that personal
we can make I hope to see
contact with other Clubs and
a more visible many of you
members is the best way to make
and progressive there, so please
them feel like members of an
structure for SI, start your
international network.
so that members planning for a
I therefore propose that many
don’t feel wonderful visit
distanced from to Canada in July
more study tours should be
what is going on 2011.
organised, not only to visit Indian
at SI level. We want the members Let us work together on projects for
Clubs, but to establish more
to have increased awareness of and empowering women and girls.
contacts between Clubs in all
find themselves as ambassadors of Let us build networks and friendship. corners of the world.
an international organisation, which Let us make Soroptimist International I also hope that you and your Club
is working to improve the lives of more visible!
will look for new friendship Clubs,
women and girls. Let us remember: Action Speaks
not only in your neighbouring
To be more visible and united as an Louder than Words!
country, but in places where
International organisation, amongst
personal and economic support is
many topics we discussed: Warmest regards to you all
more useful to Soroptimists than
1) a Strategic Plan for SI to define
our vision, mission and goals,
Hanne Jensbo
just a Christmas card.
Hanne Jensbo
Soroptimist diversity
One of the top issues for general discussions at the moment is DIVERSITY.
I am convinced that you will not find a more diverse organisation than SI! I find that our diversity is reflected:
1) in the ways that Clubs recruit their members,
2) in the large variety of projects at all levels,
3) in the different cultural and historical backgrounds of our 3000 Clubs,
4) in the reported improvements to the lives of women and girls,
5) in the way in which we cooperate with other NGOs and Government Institutions,
6) in the way that we make friendships and network between women.
If those very diverse aspects of our organisation are made more known, I feel sure that we will attract more
members and also be more attractive to younger women, so please let us unite in making our diversities visible
and let us be proud of being a SOROPTIMIST. Let us promote all our Clubs in SI as the place where you are
inspired, find friendship and network, and where you can promote projects for empowering women and girls.
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