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marcH 2010 The Newsletter of the Royal Institution of the Naval Architects
y recent visit to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and
New Zealand, and the opportunity which it gave me
to meet with members (and some soon to become
members) and to visit companies and universities left me in 2010 AGM
no doubt as to the standing which the Institution enjoys in the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the
international maritime community. Institution will be held at 10 Upper
The Institution has members in 97 countries, with over 75% Belgrave Street, London, SW1X 8BQ, on
from outside the UK – a number which again increased last Thurs 29 April 2010 at 1100.
year – demonstrating conclusively that the Institution is truly
an international organisation. The decision of naval architects 2010 Annual Dinner
and others, from Australia to Azerbaijan to become members The 2010 Annual Dinner of the Institution
is confirmation that membership provides an internationally will once again be held at the Lancaster
recognised demonstration of the highest standards of professional competence. Their membership London hotel, on Thurs 29 April.
also confirms the value which they place upon the Institution’s international publications and
conferences, providing the relevant and up-to-date information on developments across all sectors Small Craft Committee News
of the global maritime industry which is essential to maintaining that competence. British Marine Federation Technical
Few members of the maritime industry would deny the standing which the Institution’s journals Report No 96 (January 2010) highlights
enjoy amongst the many similar publications which serve the industry world-wide – some better the Fuel Quality Directive, Large Yacht
than others in terms of their accuracy and independence. The credit for that must go to the editorial Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and
staff and contributors, ably supported by the advertising teams. (I wonder how many members are Large Yacht Code articles as items of
aware that all editorial, advertising sales and production is done in-house, leaving only the printing interest in this issue.
and distribution to be out-sourced). The internationalism of the Institution’s journals is reflected
in their distribution in over 100 countries, giving them a truly global circulation. More about Rivets and Rivetting
The Institution’s conferences also enjoy a high reputation for their quality of both content and Comments from a member on the
organisation, and the recent Pacific 2010 International Maritime Conference in Sydney with over article in Jan/Feb RINA Affairs ‘All You
350 delegates was a very good example. The Institution provides an international programme of Ever Wished To Know About Rivets And
conferences of the highest quality which no other professional society or commercial conference Riveting’
organiser can match.
I believe that the Institution enjoys a standing in the international maritime industry which Work Experience Placements for Junior
is unmatched by any professional society serving the professional needs of those involved in the Members
design, construction and maintenance of marine vessels and structures. This is demonstrated by Can your company offer work
the number of companies that recognise corporate membership as meeting their requirements experience placements for students?
for professional recognition, seek the Institution’s assistance in developing and accrediting their
Graduate Training Programmes or become Corporate Partner members. CO-PATCH
I make no apology for beating the drum for the Institution, and I invite all members to do the In January 2010 a consortium of 15 SMEs
same in whatever way they can. Membership is surely something to be proud of. and RTDs from eight European countries
And finally, may I take this opportunity to thank the many members in Singapore, Malaysia, have kick started a three-year European
Australia and New Zealand whom I met for their warm welcome. (FP7) funded project on Composite
Chief Executive Patch Repair for Marine and Civil
Engineering Infrastructure Applications
QinetiQ’s Schools Powerboat Challenge
2009 aNNUal rEporT of coUNcIl
The first QinetiQ’s Schools Powerboat
aNd aNNUal accoUNTS
Challenge was won by Applemore
Council’s Report for 2009 and the summary of the Annual Accounts for the period
Technology College.
ending 30 Sep 2009 will be published online shortly.
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