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Spring into action
A host of new regulations is due to hit the building services
sector next month, followed by another key date in the
autumn. Hywel Davies looks at what’s in store
n 6 April this year we can expect to see a of electricity a year. Other changes that are due to come in
raft of changes to the Building Regulations next month include:
2000. As well as the delayed changes to Rubbish: The standard rate of landfill tax goes
Part G of the Regulations on water services, up by £8 to £48 per tonne, so tenders for work after
we’ll see amendments to Part L (conservation of fuel 1 April 2010 need to use that figure. Landfill tax is paid in
and power), Part F (ventilation) and Part J (combustion addition to normal disposal fees, to encourage businesses
appliances). These developments are part of the new to produce less waste and use
three-yearly review cycle, which means there will be no alternative waste management
further changes until 2013. methods. To enhance the
The expected changes to Part G require new homes incentive, VAT is charged on the the april
to meet a minimum water efficiency standard and full fee, including landfill tax.
changes to
maximum bath water temperature. Rules on safety of A lower rate of £2.50 per tonne
hot water systems and supply of water of suitable quality applies to inactive waste such as part L give the industry
for personal use and food hygiene are amended, allowing rocks and soil. The standard rate
six months to
recycling of water for certain uses. These changes are is due to rise by £8 per tonne each
expected to come into force on 6 April – although this year until 2013. get ready
is still to be confirmed – which gives the industry six Training: A new ‘time for
months to get ready. training’ initiative gives all
Changes to Part L have been much discussed in employees in firms with more
CIBSE Journal over recent months. As the magazine than 250 staff a statutory right to request training, with
goes to press, a final announcement is still awaited, but legal criteria for declining the request, and rights of
is expected to require a further 25 per cent reduction representation to discuss the request. These rights extend
in carbon emissions from new buildings. New versions to all employees from 6 April 2011. See
of SAP and SBEM will be introduced to support this, time-to-train, and follow the links to further advice for
along with new compliance guides for domestic and employers and employees.
non-domestic buildings. VAT: HM Revenue and Customs has moved more and
Linking up to cHange
The key point to note about these changes is that more business online in recent years. From 1 April this
Business Link provides
although it is expected that they will formally become year all existing VAT-registered businesses with an annual information on forthcoming
law next month, the date on which the new legal turnover of more than £100,000 (excluding VAT), and all
legislation at
requirements will come into force is expected to be businesses registering for VAT, must submit VAT returns to
find the page on forthcoming
1 October 2010. This is intended to give everyone six online and pay VAT electronically. For more information
new legislation, type ‘new
months to get to grips with the details and to train or go to
legislation 1 april 2010’ into
inform staff, clients and suppliers about the implications If all this is not enough to keep industry busy, the recast the search box. For those
of the new requirements. It also allows Building Control Energy Performance of Public Buildings Directive is due
who want to plan ahead, the
to prepare for the changes. CIBSE will be providing to be published in final form shortly, and this will require
uk government publishes a
forward plan of expected new
further information, guidance and training in the new changes to the associated regulations in all parts of the UK
regulations, at:
Part L once details are published. and Europe (which are likely to feature in this list a year
There is also the Carbon Reduction Commitment from now). The current consultation on changes to the file53203.pdf
Energy Efficiency Scheme. This is discussed in detail by Code for Sustainable Homes will lead to further changes
the Forward programme
Richard Hipkiss on the following pages. Note that, while in associated requirements relating to publicly funded
lists 430 regulatory changes
that may be implemented by
the sale of emissions allowances was delayed by a year to housing, again likely to be this time next year. l
april 2011 (364 new measures
April 2011, the recording and reporting element begins
and 66 simplifications of
next month for any body that consumes at least 6,000MWhr
Hywel Davies is technical director of CIBSE.
existing measures). March 2010 CIBSE Journal 29
CIBSEmar10 pp29 legal.indd 29 25/2/10 15:52:17
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