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January 2010
Welcome to the January 2010 issue of
Mortgage Introducer!
Nia Williams, editor
4 Buy-to-let news
ow as I said last month, this issue concentrates mainly on what various
product providers think will happen to the market in 2010. And what a
year it will be.
Equity release news
We are already starting to see the first signs of recovery, and I think this will
6 Protection news
continue throughout 2010, albeit in a slow and steady fashion. Hopefully this
8 Protection information
will lead to more mortgage products, with LTVs creeping upwards, which we
What would your client get without
are already beginning to see. There is also likely to be increased competition
10 Statistics
in the market, with rumours suggesting that up to – or at least (depending on
A look at house price information
the rumour) – 10 new lenders currently waiting for FSA approval to enter the
around the country, comparing
2009 with 2008
But don’t forget one thing that will definitely happen this year – the FSA’s
Diary & moves
Mortgage Market Review. It is hard to predict what the outcome of this will
Questions from hell
All your regulatory queries
be, but there is still time for you to have your say. The FSA has been holding a
series of free roadshows around the country for mortgage advisers but if you
16 Bridging
couldn’t manage to attend one, you still have until 30 January to give your
How bridging has been affected by views on the proposals. Just go to the FSA’s website and fill in the online
the Crunch
response form. It’s vital that you do.
17 Opportunities
A major event of 2010, will, of course, be the general election. Whatever
From challenges to opportunities
the outcome, the country will have to pay for the money pumped into the
Be positive
Start adapting from Day One
banks and the economy during 2009. There may be more redundancies to
21 Feel-good factor
come, and it is likely that the number of people in debt will rise again. It
At least the World Cup is coming
could also mean a complete change in how people view money, becoming
22 Back to FSA basics
more cautious; it should mean that more people will want advice from pro-
The impact of regulation on TCF fessionals. We’re going to feel the effects of the Credit Crunch for years to
24 Unintended consequences
The impact of the past year
Finally, may I thank Leadbay’s Grant Stevens for mentioning the World
25 Focus on the future
Cup in his article (come on England!). There is nothing quite like the success
Don’t look back with anger
of our national teams in football to create a much needed feel-good factor. It
Wot remortgage?
When will the market pick up?
also allowed me to publish my photo of David Beckham – my feel-good fac-
28 The wheat from the chaff
tor for 2010!
What 2010 will mean for short-
Happy New Year!
term finance
29 Time to eat glass
Issue 18
Aldermore gives an economic
January 2010
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Slow but steady
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Confidence is key
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