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SOP management and data management. is unique in that it is part of a comprehensive and systems and the interoperability necessary
With its project/protocol driven platform for laboratory informatics, which to transform laboratory data into relevant
workflow capability, Biotracker 4.2 includes not only LIMS, but also SDMS and business drivers. With Thermo Scientific
provides an integrated platform that ELN software, and multiple industry-specific Connects, the company brings a strategic
supports the needs in biobanking, gene solutions. vision and the resources to help facilitate
expression, DNA sequencing, genotyping, Starlims is a powerful tool for labs management level discussion about the
and proteomics laboratories, and to manage complex processes, ensure necessity of integrating the various sources of
facilitates translational research. Standard regulatory compliance and promote data, including laboratory instrumentation,
out-of-the-box integration to instruments laboratory and enterprise collaboration. enterprise systems like ERP, MES and PIMS,
LIMS product
include NanoDrop, SpectraMax, Agilent Starlims consolidates disparate business and enterprise communication tools like
2100, ABI 3730/3730XL, ABI PRISM processes into a single, compliant SharePoint, BizTalk, as well as other laboratory
7900, Autopure, Biomek FX, as well as platform with comprehensive reporting, tools such as ELNs and document
integration to PHRED, PHRAP and surveillance and networking capabilities. management systems. Connects enables
POLYPHRED for downstream analysis. The result is vastly enhanced data customers to have a dashboard view of the key
A web services-enabled and Java-based management and sharing within the business metrics essential to running their
Application Programming Interface laboratory and across the enterprise. business, giving management the information
(API) is provided to facilitate supportable they need and elevating the role of the lab in
integration to instruments and systems, the day-to-day mission critical decisions made
LIMS extensions and enhancements. Symyx Notebook throughout the enterprise.
Biotracker is also database (any SQL from Symyx
compliant database) and platform Technologies is an
(Windows or Mac) independent. enterprise, Up to data professional services is multi-discipline an internationally-accepted software
notebook that helps scientists quickly and manufacturer with its iStudyReporter product
Siemens' Simatic IT Unilab LIMS is a easily record, find, report, and reuse family, purpose-built software solutions to
solid and mature QMS. It is fully integrated experiments - while sharing information with optimise the creation process of submission
with ERP, MES, PLM and lab equipment, colleagues and contract research organisations. documents for protocol-driven studies.
bridging the gap between lab and production. Symyx Notebook integrates with LIMS to These innovative solutions increase research
Simatic IT Unilab manages the lab workflow, electronically pass study information, sample capacities by offering efficient, valid and
optimises the quality test definition and lists, experimental results and reports between flexible processes to create registration reports
execution process and the collection, analysis the ELN and the LIMS. This saves time and for stability, bioanalytical and clinical studies.
and reporting of all quality data in the lab and eliminates manual transcription errors while
production. It also supports full compliance enabling scientists to share knowledge.
with 21CFR Part 11. Highly configurable sections and templates Waters delivers a most
Simatic IT Unilab includes instrument make Symyx Notebook ideal for scientists comprehensive integrated
connections, equipment and qualification using LIMS. Symyx Notebook is built on a electronic solution,
management and a stability module to setup chemically intelligent platform. A Software combining workflow and
and manage stability studies. Also included Developer Kit makes it straightforward to information management
are a certified SAP-QM interface, reporting, extend and add functionality. with instrument control and secure data
advanced web functionality and integration Symyx Notebook integrates with balances, archiving, and covering all steps of a typical
with Simatic IT (MES) and third party systems. LIMS, CDS, and SDMS for efficient data analytical workflow. The Waters Analytical
Simatic IT Unilab is applicable in single- collection. The resulting versioned, searchable Workflow Manager Software serves as a single
site implementations with a few users as well documents are controlled by centralised, point of access to track samples and results,
as for multi-site, multi-language licenses customisable document workflows, electronic present instruments and results information
for companies with thousands of users. It signatures, audit trails, and security supporting online, and provide integrated instrument
coordinates quality activities at HQ level with Intellectual Property, 21 CFR 11, and Good support and data collection. The Waters
those of multiple plants and R&D labs, and Practice guidelines and regulations for regulated Analytical Workflow Manager maps the
enforces the use of common QA/QC methods and non-regulated research environments. complete data flow in the course of a sample
and procedures. life cycle supporting the analytical laboratory in the most flexible way, so non-routine tasks
Thermo Scientific can also be handled. The analyst can decide ad
Starlims is a Connects is an hoc about further necessary analysis depending
web-based off-the- enterprise-level on the sample and the already obtained results.
shelf LIMS designed solution set that With the Analytical Workflow Manager all
for a wide variety of allows customers to more fully integrate the labs can use the same tool to accomplish their
laboratory environments operating in many work of the laboratory into the enterprise, workflow.
scientific and industrial disciplines. This LIMS providing both the integration of instruments
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